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Use the formula T = 2Pi * Square root (L)/ Square root (g)

Set T to .75; L is length of string and g is gravity (9.8 m/s)

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Q: How long does a clock pendulum need to be for a swing of 0.75 seconds?
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What is clock pendulum?

The pendulum of a clock is the long weighted bar that swings back and forth in the case below the clock. It was discovered several hundred years ago that the time it takes for one swing of a particular pendulum is constant, no matter how big or small the swing is. It can, therefore, be used to measure time.

A pendulum that is 38 cm long will swing how many times in 15 seconds?


What is the lead balls on strings that swing back and fourth that have to do with telling time?

A pendulum clock is a clock that uses a pendulum as its timekeeping element. The swinging motion of the pendulum regulates the movement of the clock's gears, allowing it to keep accurate time. The length of the pendulum determines the clock's timekeeping accuracy.

What is a clocks pendulum?

A clock's pendulum is a weight suspended from a rod or wire that swings back and forth to regulate the clock’s timekeeping mechanism. The regular motion of the pendulum helps to give the clock a consistent timekeeping accuracy.

Does the time differ between a long swing of a pendulum compared to a small swing?

Not significantly, unless you start with the pendulum over about 15 degrees or so from the vertical. At large angles the period of the pendulum would increase somewhat, as the restoring force no longer increases linearly with displacement. You will note that clock pendulums generally swing through quite a small angle.

What makes a pendulm swing fast or slow?

The speed of a pendulum is determined by the length of the pendulum arm and the force applied to set it in motion. A shorter pendulum will swing faster, while a longer pendulum will swing slower. Additionally, factors such as air resistance and friction can also affect the speed of a pendulum swing.

What is a pendulum in science?

A pendulum is a piece of string attached to a 20 g mass that if you double the length it will take twice as long to swing.

How long is the pendulum in a grandfather clock?

probobly 2 meters

What is the period of a 0.85m long pendulum?

The period of a pendulum can be calculated using the equation T = 2π√(l/g), where T is the period in seconds, l is the length of the pendulum in meters, and g is the acceleration due to gravity (9.81 m/s^2). Substituting the values, the period of a 0.85m long pendulum is approximately 2.43 seconds.

Why was pendulum used in clocks in olden days?

Pendulums were used in old clocks because they helped regulate the speed of the clock's movement by providing a consistent and regular swinging motion. This allowed for more accurate timekeeping compared to earlier clock mechanisms. The pendulum's swinging motion could be adjusted to keep the clock running smoothly and maintain accurate timekeeping over long periods.

How many times does a pendulum swing?

A pendulum will swing back and forth indefinitely as long as it has enough energy to overcome friction and air resistance. The number of swings will depend on factors such as the length of the pendulum and the initial force used to set it in motion.

What advantage did the pendulum-clock have over devices such as water-clocks and sand-glasses?

The advantage of the pendulum clock over water-clocks and sand-glasses was its greater accuracy and precision in timekeeping. The swinging motion of the pendulum ensured consistent and reliable time measurements, making it a significant advancement in timekeeping technology.