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About 10 seconds.

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Q: How long does it take for a smart car to reach 60 mph?
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How long would it take to reach Pluto in a car?

It'll probably be easier to reach it if you have a Delorean

Give a question about acceleration?

My car can reach a maximum speed of 150km/hr. And my car can acclerate at 5km/hr2. How long will it take for my car to reach 150km/hr from rest?

How do you reach top speed of 200mph in a smart car?

hah you wish.

What is the distance and how long does it take to reach Delhi from Mumbai by car?

It will take more than 48 hrs to reach delhi from mumbai by car

How long does it take to put another family member on your car insurance?

As long as it takes to reach your insurance agent by phone.

How long is the smart car?

61 inches

How long does it take to reach Berlin from Lahore?

By car it lakes around 3 days and 17 hours.

How long does it take an F1 car to reach 200km per hour from a stationary position?

3.8 seconds

How long will it take a car traveling the speed limit to reach crest view crestview195?

That would depend on where you started from.

How smart is the smart car?

This car is very smart because it doesn't use that much battery and gas. It is also smart because it doesn't take that much space like the Beetle and Motorcycle.

How efficient is a smart car?

In local commuting, the smart car is extremely efficient (i.e., going to the grocery store, mall, etc.). However, in long distance commuting, the smart car is very inefficient.

A car is traveling at 50kms. How long does it take the car to travel 300km?

Travelling at 50 kph it would take 6 hours to reach 300 kilometres.(50 x 6 = 300)