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It depends on the color, so i can't answer that.

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Q: How long does it take to burn a paper using magnifying glass?
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What is the best material to burn with a magnifying glass?

dried leaves or paper

Can a hot day burn wood?

With a magnifying glass

Why does a magnifying glass must be held so that the light from the sun forms a circular dot to burn paper?

A magnifying glass forms a circular dot where it focuses rays of light from the sun. The focus of a magnifying glass is at a distance from the surface of the glass itself. So a magnifying glass must be held [approximately] perpendicular to the line joining the sun and the target, and at a distance from the target which equals the focal length of the lens.

Why do ants burn under a magnifying glass?

When you place a magnifying glass over an ant and the sun is out, the light from the sun hits the convex glass and becomes concentrated at a certain point. That point will eventually become hot enough to burn the ant.

How are telescopes dangerous?

The most obvious answer to me is using them to look at the Sun. You know how a magnifying glass can be used to burn paper. Well a telescope is worse. Another one is when your leg crashes into the tripod that is holding your telescope. I have a big telescope and I did this and it hurt!

Why couldn't the US get a big magnifying glass or something like that to keep the temperature warmer in the winter?

A big magnifying glass will burn the US, one neighborhood at a time.

Why do objects burn when light shines through a magnifying glass?

well usually you need something stronger then a magnifying glass, but it increases the heat from the sun and burns something in its radius

How does a plant burn when a magnifying glass and the sun join?

If you mean to ask how a magnifying glass can use sunlight to burn a plant, then here's how.A magnifying glass focuses the light going through it so that it all converges into a single point (focal point). The light that would have otherwise been spread out over the area of the magnifying glass is "concentrated". Therefore there is much more energy hitting that one point than otherwise would be. The light raises the temperature of the plant to the point where it will burn.

How do you make a worm blow up?

Magnifying glass or cook it maybe, or just try to burn it in someway.

Could you burn an ant with a magnifying glass?

Yes. When the sun hits the convex glass, the rays are concentrated into one point. that point heats so fast that anything the beam hits, it'll burn.

Can you get a 3rd degree burn from the sun?

No, unless you are 'trying' to. The sun usually leaves first degree, but if you use a magnifying glass, it can.

Why must you look at the sun indirectly instead of directly?

If you look directly at it, it will burn your retina, like a magnifying glass burning ants.