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It depends on whether you are walking, cycling, in an ordinary car, flying in a commercial plane, a combat aircraft or a rocket!

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Q: How long does it take to travels 80 kilometers?
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How long it will take to travel 4300 kilometers at a speed of 80 kilometers per hour?

4300/80 = 53.75 hr

How long will it take to drive 6000 kilometers at 75 kilometers per hour?

80 hours

How long does it take to travel 160 kilometers at 80 kilometers per hour?

Dividing distance by speed gives 160/80 = 2. Therefore, it would take 2 hours to travel 160 kilometres at 80 miles per hour.

If a train travels 80 kmhr how long will it take to travel 260 km?

3 hours 15 minutes.

60km per hou its take 10hoursHow long will it take her if she travels at 80 km an hour Inverse variation?

060km,10hour,80km an hour

How long will it take to drive 6000 kilometers at 80 kilometers per hour?

Time = Distance/Speed = 6000/80 = 75 hours. That assumes that you can drive 75 hours averaging that speed without a break!

How long will a motorist travelling at an average speed of 60kmh take to travel 80 kilometers?

60 times something = 80 something = 80/60 80/60=4/3 4/3rds of an hour is 1 hour 20 minutes - the travel time for 80 kilometers at 60 kmh

How long is 80 miles?

80 miles = 80 x 1.609 kilometers =128.720 km

How long will it take to drive 80 miles?

well, it depends on how fast your driving, if your going 80 mph, it will take 1 hour. it would take an 1 hour if you were going about 130 kph if you were measuring the distance in kilometers.

Is there an 80 kilometers long street in America?

80 kilometers (1 mile/1.609 kilometers) = 49.7 miles ========= Perhaps in a large Western or Southwestern city. I am thinking Los Angles.

What was the average speed in kilometers per hour of a car that travels 400 kilometers in 5 hours?

Average speed = Distance/Time = 400 km /5 hours = 80 km per hour.

How long will it take to run a 10k race for a runner whose average pace is 125 meters per minute?

If there are 1000 meters in a kilometer and a runner travels 125 meters per minute, that would mean the runner could travel one kilometer in 8 minutes (1000 / 125 = 8). If the runner is going to run 10 kilometers it would take (10 * 8) or 80 minutes to finish the 10 kilometers.