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14.142 cm (rounded)

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Q: How long is a diagonal of a square with sides of length 10 cm?
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How long is a diagonal of a square with sides of length 10 in?

Each of them is 14.14 inches long. (rounded)

A square has a diagonal which is 30 inches how long in inches is its side?

A square with a 30-inch diagonal measurement has sides of 21.21 inches in length.

How do you find out the length of a diagonal in a square?

Use Pythagoras. The diagonal, and two sides of the square form a right angled triangle. So if each side of the square is x cm long, the diagonal is x*sqrt(2) cm long.

What is the length of a diagonal of a square with sides of length 16 feet long?

162+162=diagonal2 256+256= 512 sqrt512 i.e. 16rt2

Do parallelograms have diagonal sides?

A parallelogram is anything from a square to a rectangle. As long as it has parallel sides, then it is a parallelogram. If you're thinking of a rhombus, then it has diagonal sides.

Estimate the side length of a square that has a 9 cm long diagonal?


Where did square roots come from?

They came from geometry. If you have a square whose sides are 1 unit long then its diagonal is sqrt(2) units long.

What is difference between a square and a rectangle?

A square has 4 equal sides. A rectangle has 2 short sides of equal length and 2 long sides of equal length

The area of square garder is 200 meters squared how long is the diagonal?

If the area of the square is 200, then the side is sqrt(200).The length of the diagonal is sqrt(200 + 200) = sqrt(400) = 20 meters.

If the diagonal of a square is 9 units long how long is each side?

Using Pythagoras' theorem each side will be 6.363961031 units in length.

How long is the diagonal of a 10ft by 10ft square?

The diagonal is 14.142 feet.

How long is the diagonal of a square if the side is 24?

The diagonal is 33.941 units.