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If the area of the square is 200, then the side is sqrt(200).

The length of the diagonal is sqrt(200 + 200) = sqrt(400) = 20 meters.

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Q: The area of square garder is 200 meters squared how long is the diagonal?
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What is the diagonal of a square 2.0 meters on a side is?

The diagonal of a square 2.0 meters on a side is: 2.828 meters.

Diagonal of a square whose area is 36?

The diagonal of a square whose area is 36 is the square root of 72, or about 8.49. Since the area of a square is side(squared), then the sides are each 6. Then since a(squared) + b(squared) = c(squared), for a triangle (the diagonal), you get the square root of 72.

Centimeters squared into meters squared?

1 square centimeter = 0.0001 square meters

What is the length of a diagonal of a square that is 6 meters long on a side?

The diagonal across a square is one of three legs in a triangle. To determine the length of a leg in a triangle a formula was developed by the ancient Greek mathematician Pythagoras. The "Pythagorean Theorum" [A sq + B sq = C sq]using the two known legs to a triangle [A and B] to determine the third. since the leg [C]. Since we are determining the diagonal across a square we already that [A=6 meters] and [B=6 meters]. So therefore the equation 6 squared [36] + 6 squared [36] = 8.484 squared [72]. So the answer to the diagonal distance across a 6 meter square is; 8.484 meters

The width of a rectangle is 10 meters and its area is 120 square meters What is the length of the diagonal?

The diagonal is 15.620 meters.

What is the sign for square meters?

square meters or meters squared: m2

What is the area of a square that has a diagonal which is the square root of 32?

16 cm squared.

What is 10 meters squared in square feet?

10 meters squared = 107.6 square feet.

What is 160 centimeters squared in meters squared?

2.56 square meters

How many meters squared are in a mile squared?

The answer is 2,589,988.11 square meters.

What is the length of the diagonal of a square if its area is ninety eight inches squared?

The diagonal is 14 inches.

How do I convert a house which 24 square meters into meters squared?

They mean the same thing. Square meters is the same as meters squared.

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