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A half of one foot is six inches long.

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Q: How long is a half of a foot?
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How long are hockey skate blades?

half a foot to a foot

How long are a Hippogriff's talons?

Half a foot long.

How long is 6 inch?

half a foot

How big are goldfish?

Half an inch to a foot long!

How tall are stick insects?

about a foot and a half long

How long is a cheetah's leg in inches?

foot and a half..about

How long can a foxes ears be?

up to half a foot

How long do sugar gilder grow?

about half a foot

How long is Taylor Swifts hair?

Taylor Swift's hair is a foot- a foot and a half. :-) LoloPerrin

How long is Ashley Tisdale?

5 foot an inch and a half

How big is the average zebra's penis?

A foot and a half long

How long is 7 foot and 6 half inches?

It is the equivalent of 2.5 yards or 2 and a half yards

How big can squirrels grow up to be?

Half a foot long ish

How long is the pectoral fin on a killer whale calf?

half a foot.

What is one-half foot long in decimal form?

0.5 feet.

What is a 6 sub from subway?

6 inch-half a foot long.

How many inches long is a foot and a half of rope?

18 inches

Is it one-half foot or one-half feet?

Neither, it is pronounced half of a foot.

How long is six inches?

Six inches is a half of a foot (12 inches).

Does every hair grow half feet long in a month?

No, hair grows a half inch per month, not a half foot.

How big are baby rays when born?

1-2 feet long or half a foot.

How many inches in a half a foot?

There are 12 inches in a foot and half is 6

How many inches one half equal to o1 half foot?

6 inches in one half foot.

If a four foot tall boy has a twelve foot shadow at the same time his dad has a shadow that is sixteen and a half foot long shadow?

The dad is 5.5 feet tall.

Is a decimeter shorter than one half a foot?

A decimeter is most definitely shorter than half of a foot. A decimeter is .1 centimeter and there are 15.24 centimeters in 6 inches which is half of a foot.