How long is the ten commandants?

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The 1956 version is 220 minutes long.

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Q: How long is the ten commandants?
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What is the rule by a god or gods?

Well to me the rule is to keep the ten commandants

Why is mount sinai important?

This is where Prophet Moses received the Bible or the ten commandants.

What is an important event in Moses's life?

the key event in Moses life are the ten commandants

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From 1775 to the present (January 2010), there have been 34 Commandants of the Marine Corps. The first Commandant of the Marine Corps was Samuel Nichols. The current Commandant of the Marine Corps is Gen James T. Conway (since November 14, 2006). See related links for more information about and a list of Commandants of the Marine Corps.

Did the Israelites build the Tabernacle before they went into the wilderness or while they were in the wilderness?

3-months after leaving Egypt, Moses and the Israelis came to Mount Sinai. Moses received the "Ten Commandants" and the plans for the earthly tabernacle. They were in the wilderness.

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