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speed =distance /time ( 100 m =0.1 km)

time = 0.1 km /100 km /hr

=0.001 hr

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Q: How long to travel 100 meters when you are traveling at 100 kilometers an hour?
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If a car is traveling at 40 kilometers per hour how many kilo meters would the car travel in 2 hours?

80,000 kilo meters

A car traveling 10 mph will travel how many meters in an hour?

At 10 miles per hour, a car is traveling 16,090 meters per hour.

A car travelling 50 kilometers per hour would take how long to cover 60 meters?

A car traveling 50 kilometers per hour would take 4.32 seconds to cover 60 meters.

How fast 800 Meters if you went 15 kilometers per hour?

About two minutes to cover 800 meters traveling at 15mph

How long does a car traveling at 45 miles take to travel 90 kilometers?

About an hour and 20 minutes.

If a car is travelling at 36 meters per second is it exceeding the speed limit of 120 kilometers per hour?

Yes, it's traveling at 129,6 kilometers per hour. c:

How far can an airplane travel in 5 hours if it is traveling at a constant velocity of 300 kilometers per hour?


How many meters do you travel at 100 kilometers an hour?

That depends how long you travel at that speed. The general relation is: distance = speed x time On the other hand, to convert from kilometers to meters, just multiply by 1000.

How far is 5km's in minutes?

In order to calculate how many minutes it would take someone to travel 5 kilometers you need to know the speed the person is traveling at. For example if the person is traveling at a speed of 60 kilometers an hour it would take them 5 minutes to travel 5 kilometers.

What is the average speed of a train that can travel 300 meters in 1 minute?

18 kilometers per hour.

A car on the highway might travel at an approximate speed of 100 kilometers per hour how many meters per hour is this?

100 km/h equates to 100,000 meters per hour.

How long does a car traveling at 45 mph take to travel 90 kilometers in hours?

1 hour 14 minutes.