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80,000 kilo meters

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Q: If a car is traveling at 40 kilometers per hour how many kilo meters would the car travel in 2 hours?
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If a car is traveling at 60kph how many meters does it travel in 7days?

There are 24 hours in a day giving you 168 hours. That works out to be 10,080 kilometers.

How far can an airplane travel in 5 hours if it is traveling at a constant velocity of 300 kilometers per hour?


How long does a car traveling at 45 mph take to travel 90 kilometers in hours?

1 hour 14 minutes.

How many hours does it take light to get to the Earth from the Sun?

It only takes sunlight about 8.3 minutes (0.138 hours) to travel the 150 million kilometers from the Sun to Earth, traveling at almost 300,000 kilometers per second.

How long in hours is 150 miles?

The answer depends on how fast you're traveling. Examples: Traveling at 150 mph takes just 1 hour to travel 150 miles Traveling at 75 mph takes 2 hours to travel 150 miles Traveling at 1 mph takes 150 hours to travel 150 miles

How long would it take to for a car to travel a distance of 2000 kilometers if it is traveling at a velocity of 55km an hr?

Time = Distance/Velocity = 2000/55 = 36.3636.. hours = 36 hours 21.8181.. minutes

How long does it take a car to travel 525 miles if it is traveling at 15 meters per second?

At 15 meters per second it will take the car 15 hours 40 minutes to cover 525 miles.

If a Car is traveling 65 miles per hour how far does it travel in 2 hours?

If a Car is traveling 65 miles per hour, it will travel 130 miles in two hours.

How fast is 100kmh?

You'll travel 100 kilometers in an hours time. In miles, it's 62.1371 miles. So you would travel 100 kilometers in one hour, or 62.1371 miles, or 91.1344 feet per second, or 27.777.... meters per second.

A boat travels 88 kilometers in 1 hours how much time will it takes traveling 440 kilometers?


What was the average sPEED in meters per second of a car that travels 400 kilometers in 5 hours?

a) Divide the kilometers by the hours, to get the speed in kilometers per hour. b) Divide this result by 3.6, to convert to meters/second.

How many kilometers would a car traveling 100 km per hr travel in 45 minutes?

Convert the minutes to hours, then use the formula: distance = speed x time.