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Q: How long will it take a mile long train traveling 15 miles per hour to travel completely through a mile long tunnel?
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What was the first automobile tunnel to travel through the alps?

travel through the alps

A train that is exactly 1 mile long starts through a tunnel that is also 1 mile long If the train is traveling at 15 miles per hour how long does it take for the train to get completely out of tunnel?

It needs to travel 2 miles. Time = Distance/Speed = 2/15 hours = 8 minutes.

Are SNCF Trains allowed to travel through the Channel Tunnel?

Yes. Any train can travel through the Channel Tunnel which passes the required safety checks, and pays the toll to the owners of the tunnel (Eurotunnel).

As you are driving along you come to a road tunnel you cannot see daylight at the other end why?

If a person is driving through a tunnel and cannot see light at the end, the tunnel may be really long. It is important to use headlights when traveling through a long tunnel.

A 1 mile long train statrs through a 1 mile long tunnel.train is traveling 15 miles per hour how long does it take for the train to get completely out the tunnel?

4 minutes

Do buses need a permit to travel through the Lincoln Tunnel?

A properly licensed bus does not need any special permits to travel inter-state, whether it be through the tunnel or over the bridge-- They do however, have to pay the toll.

Can a motorhome drive through mobile tunnel?

You can drive a motor home or a travel trailer through a tunnel but you will be required to turn off your propane tanks. These directions are usually posted at the entrance to the tunnels. I have been through the Mobile tunnel, the Bay Town tunnel and the Eisenhower tunnel. All of them have the same requirements. As long as you meet the height, and with.

Is faxing online secure to use?

Only if the information you fax is transmitted to its destination through an encrypted tunnel or session otherwise it will be traveling through the Internet.

What tunnel do you go through to go west from New York City?

There are two tunnels you can use to travel west from New York city (Manhattan) under the Hudson river to New Jersey; the northern tunnel is the Lincoln Tunnel, the southern tunnel is the holland tunnel

A train 1 mile long moving at a rate of 1 mile per hour enters a tunnel 1 mile long How long does it take the train to pass completely through the tunnel?

2 hours. If the train is one mile long and going 1 mile per hour through a mile long tunnel, in one hour the train would be completely inside the tunnel, since they are the same length and the train is only going one full tunnel length(mile) per hour. It would then take another whole hour for the end of the train to leave the tunnel, bringing the train completely out of the tunnel.

When was Through the Tunnel created?

Through the Tunnel was created in 1990.

How do you go to the other city on harvest moon?

If you are referring to The Tale of Two Towns game, you either need to venture through the mountains or completely bore through the tunnel. You achieve boring through the tunnel by competing in the cooking contests enough to which the friend meter is full while also completing Eileen's Bore Through the Tunnel requests. (I believe there are three of them).

Does the Eurostar travel underwater?

Yes, it goes through the Channel Tunnel between England and France, which is bored through the rock under the seabed.

How long will it take a mile long train going 15 miles per hour to get completely through a mile long tunnel?

8 mins! the train has to ravel 2 miles in total to completely get through the tunnel! 15miles takes 60 mins, therefore 2miles takes 8mins!!

How fast do trains travel through the Channel Tunnel?

Eurotunnel is the company which owns and operates the channel tunnel between England and France. They operate shuttles carrying cars and lorries on trains through the tunnel. These run about 160 Kph. Other companies also run trains through the tunnel. The only passenger trains currently running through the tunnel are owned by Eurostar. These run about 200 Kph in the tunnel, but much faster outside it (300 Kph). Freight trains run much slower

Can you bring your small motor home through the Chesepeake Bay bridge tunnel with permanently mounted LP gas tanks?

The Chesapeake Tunnel restrictions on noncommercial vehicles are only that you cannot have the LP gas containers on. You can take your camper through the tunnel as long as the gas tanks are completely turned off.

Is there really a tunnel when you die?

Many people who have lived through a near death experience have described traveling through a tunnel. However, one cannot be sure if this is a passageway to the afterlife, or if this is just a physical side-effect of dying (a form of hallucination perhaps).

When was Tunnel Through the Deeps created?

Tunnel Through the Deeps was created in 1972.

What is the name of the tunnel that allows trains travel from London to Paris?

The Channel Tunnel

Why did the boy in through the tunnel want to swim through the tunnel?

Jerry swam through the tunnel so he could be like one of the boys he saw stripping

What country is the Seikan tunnel located?

The Seikan Tunnel is located in Japan. This tunnel is completely underwater and links the cities of Honshu and Hokkaido.

How long will it take a mile long train going 60 Miles per hour to get completely through a 1 mile long tunnel?

just as a 1 cm long train takes 2 minutes for the front and the back to completely traverse the tunnel

How long will it take a mile long train going 15mph to get completely through a mile long tunnel?

for minutes and 1 sec.

When was Tunnel Through Time created?

Tunnel Through Time was created in 1966-05.

How long does it take to travel through the Lincoln Tunnel?

Depending on the traffic it is only one and one/half mile long.