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42 weeks

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What is the new pokemon's game on computer?

follow this link its the new Pokemon game make sure you save you money because you olny get40,000 dollars and master balls are 4,000 dollars each

How long do salmon live for?

they olny live for 4 years

How many people did each lifeboat on the titanic carry?

Each lifeboat was capible of carrying the weight of 70 men.thoue some lifeboats left olny half boat left with olny 12 passengers.

Person who is selfish?

they olny care about themsleves they olny care about themsleves they olny care about themsleves

How long do silent crickets live?

they olny live in the summertime and springtime too.

What is the olny state that boaders olny one other state?


How can you plant ten trees in five rows with olny four trees in each row?

Draw a star shape, and plant a tree at each point where 2 lines intersect.

Legally how long do you have to name a baby?

You have how ever LONG YOU WHAT its your child the olny things that will happen is he/she will not have and "Identity" In the eyes of the USA since he will not have a BC nor SS card/Number

Are there any jobs olny men can do?


When do leprechauns come to your house?

olny on lepuronsday

Do pandas olny live in china?


How long can you go to jail for possession of maryjuana?

yes olny if you have a prior record or have a lottt of weed in my town(columbus ne) its a slap on the wrist.

Does jellyfish kill people?

yas they can but olny if you harm them some times they can kill you . But they olny do it to keep them safe they dont usaly kill but sometimes can hurt you a lot!

Can you olny get it shamin being a girl in Pokemon diamond?


Who was the olny monarch on the timeline to get the sack?

Charles the First

Moss is an?

moss is a plant that consistes of olny cells

Can a gas be a solution?

no. it could olny be a liqid or gas

Cellular resperation occurs in?

plant cells olny

Can you get a glaceon in emerald?

no!Because glaceon is olny in diamond.

Does georgie henley smoke?

no!shes olny 13!

Is sperm good to rub in your hair?

no this olny a myth

Why do consumers eat other consumers?

that is the olny food they can get.

Is there a DS version of animal jam?

no. It is olny on computors

How can you change your face in animal crossing wild world?

you cant change your face. you have to live with it forever the olny way is to make a new charecter. this is probably the olny way.

Where can you find drowzee in Pokemon Emerald?

you cant olny after the game