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Q: How long would it take a 500 W electric motor to do 1.50 x 105 J of work?
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How long would it take a 500 W electric motor to do 1.50x105 J of work?

500 miles long

10. How long would it take a 500 W electric motor to do 1.50 x 105 J of work?

not sure

If there were no friction how long would it take something with no motor to stop?


Electric Car Battery?

Electric cars rely solely on batteries for their power. The most important function of an electric car battery is running the electric motor. This means that the battery in an electric car has to be able to last for a long time and not take too long to recharge. While the batteries that are in electric cars currently on the market are not as efficient as everyone would like, some serious improvements are being made to change this.

Do kids quads take oil?

If it is electric no if it has a motor yes

What size electric motor will replace a 16 hp gas motor?

Horsepower is horsepower, so a 16 hp electric motor could, on the surface, replace a 16 hp gas motor. Things to consider, however, include RPM and torque. Gas engines are inefficient, to replace a 16 hp gas engine it would take only a 8 hp electric. standard closest size would be a 10 hp. I have done this several times on air compressors and hydraulic pumps.

What are some testable questions involving electric currents?

Here I got one.. How long would it take for an electric current to travel through an 11 foot wire?

Will motor yachts ever become fully electric?

I don't belive so because yachts take alot of power and it would take some serious batteries or solar panels to make them go.

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It takes approximately

How long does it take to change an electric car?


How do you fix electric windows that are stuck open?

Take the door apart and disconnect the seized motor from linkage and tape up window and replace motor.

As electric generatar produce electric current due to magnetic induction than why current don't produce in electric motor as magnetic induction should also occur in electric motor?

I will attempt to answer the question I think your asking: 'If an electric generator produces an electric current due to magnetic induction, then why isn't a current produced via the same mechanism in an electric motor?' The answer to the best of my understanding is that it is, or at least, it would be. The reason is that in a generator a conducting wire is rotated in a magnetic field and this induces a current as each charged particle experiences a force as determined by F=q(vxB) [this is the vector form of the equation using the vector product] or F=Bqv if you are unfamiliar with vectors. As this causes electrons to move this manifests itself as an alternating current in a wire. Conversely in a motor and alternating current is passed through a magnetic field in a coil of wire, this time the wire now experiences a force F determined by F=I(lxB). This produces a torque on the centre of the motor and it is this torque that drives the motor. However if you were to rotate the coil of the motor externally without supplying a current to it then the reverse process would take place. This would induce an AC current in the motor which would now function as a generator. As a aside if this current was then driven through the generator it would then rotate exactly as the motor did.