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200 days

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Q: How long would it take to spend a million dollars if you spend 5000 dollars a day?
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What is 5 of a million dollars?

5000 dollars.

What is .5 percent of a million dollars?

5000 dollars.

How much money would it cost to spend a week in guatamala?

around 5000 Dollars

How many hundred dollars bills equal a half of a million dollars?

5000 bills

In todays money how much would 5000 be woth in 1960?

it would be worth 5000 dollars

How long would it take to pay back 5000 dollars at 200 a month?

It would take two years and one month to pay 5000 dollars back at 200 dollars a month.

What is the value of 5000 dollars in 1950?

It would be around the sum of 30,000 dollars.

How many dollars in 5000 dimes?

5000/10 = 500 dollars.

Is it true that about 5000 farms have over a million dollars in total sales?

Yes I am in Cold Spring elementry

A family spends 9 percent of it income on entertainment how much do they spend if their monthly income is 5000?

450 dollars would be spent a month on entertainment if the family spends nine percent of their $5000 income monthly on that. You figure this by multiplying .09 by 5000 giving 450, which is the amount spent monthly on entertainment.

What was 5000 dollars worth in 1940 compared to today?

5000 dollars = about 75650 dollars today, i hope this helped!

How expensive would a used Sidney Crosby jersey be?

5000 dollars

How much money is 500000 pennies?

500,000 pennies is equal to $5,000 (Five Thousand Dollars)

How much is 5000 us dollars worth in Indonesia?

with the rate Rp 12.000/USD it worth 60 million rupiah

How much is 5000 British pounds in U.S. dollars?

5000 British pounds is $7808.50 in U.S. dollars

What is 40 percent of 5000 dollars?

40% is the same as 0.40 and 0.40 times 5000 = 2000 dollars

If you took a third from 5000 dollars what are you left with?

You are left with two thirds of 5000 dollars.

What was 5000 dollars worth in 1902 compared to today?

If you had 5 thousand dollars in 1902 it would be like having fifty thousand dollars now.

How many millions are in 5 billion?

5 billion would be 5000 million.

What is the value of 1947 5000 yuan in US Dollars?


How much is 5000 lire in us dollars?

At the present time, the currency exchange rate is one Turkish Lira is worth 0.47 US Dollars. This would mean that 5000 Lire would be worth 2353.22 US Dollars. It is important to note that the exchange rate changes daily.

Is 5000 plus 80 million equal to 90 million?

No. 5000 + 80000000 = 80005000

Where can you get 5000 dollars in 100 dollars bills?

The bank

What percent of 5000 dollars is 2200 dollars?


How much is the fine for ashing out your car window?

it would be about 5000 to 6000 thousand dollars

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