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It would take 3.0857 seconds.

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Q: How long would it take to travel 60 meters at 70 kilometers per hour?
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If a car is traveling at 40 kilometers per hour how many kilo meters would the car travel in 2 hours?

80,000 kilo meters

How many meters do you travel at 100 kilometers an hour?

That depends how long you travel at that speed. The general relation is: distance = speed x time On the other hand, to convert from kilometers to meters, just multiply by 1000.

What is the average speed of a train that can travel 300 meters in 1 minute?

18 kilometers per hour.

A car on the highway might travel at an approximate speed of 100 kilometers per hour how many meters per hour is this?

100 km/h equates to 100,000 meters per hour.

How long would it take to travel 81.9 meters at 15 miles per hour?

It would take 12.2 seconds to travel 81.9 meters at 15 miles per hour.

If I travel 20 meters in 4 secs how many kilometers per hour?

20 meters in 4 seconds equates to 18km/h

If a cyclist travels at 16.5 kilometers per hour then how far in meters does he travel in ten minutes?

2750 metres.

30 meters a second to kilometers per hour?

30 meters per second = 108 kilometers per hour.

How many meters does light travel in hour?

1,079,252,848,800 meters/hour

How long do sounds take to travel?

To travel where? - That would depend on the distance you want it to travel. In air, sound moves at about 310 meters per second (depends on the temperature). This is about 1,236 kilometers per hour (or 768 mph).

A car travelling 50 kilometers per hour would take how long to cover 60 meters?

A car traveling 50 kilometers per hour would take 4.32 seconds to cover 60 meters.

How far would a car travel at 88 kilometers per hour?

In one hour 88 kilometres.

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