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73 / A = hours of travel time

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Q: How long would it take to travel 73 miles if you travel at speed of A miles per hour?
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If you needed to travel 10 miles in 30 minutes how fast would you go?

20 mph. At that speed, in one hour you would travel 20 miles. After half an hour of traveling at that speed, you would have gone 10 miles.

What speed would you have to travel at to go 60 miles in 1 hr 30 min?

This speed is 40 miles/hour.

If a car travels 2 hours how many miles it travel?

It really depends on the speed of the car. If it is traveling at 60 miles per hour, it would travel 120 miles. If it is traveling at 20 miles per hour, it would travel 40 miles.

What would your average speed be if you traveled 350 miles in hour?

Average speed is usually a unit rate. So, if you travel 350 miles in 1 hour then that is said"350 miles per hour."

How many miles can you go if you were going on the speed of sound?

I would travel 761 miles at 1 Hour

What is the average speed of a wolf in miles per hour?

The average travel speed of a wolf is 5 miles per hour

Can a plane of maximum speed 120 miles per hour travel at a speed of 2000 miles per hour?

its possible

How long does it take to travel 37 miles by car?

That depends upon its speed. If it was traveling at a rate of 37 miles per hour, then it would take exactly one hour to travel 37 miles.

How fast to travel 108 miles in one hour on interatate hwy.?

To travel 108 miles in one hour on any highway, you would have to be traveling at a rate of speed of 108mi/h.

A downhill skier can travel 75 miles per hour how long would it take the skier to travel 150 miles at that speed?

2 hours.

How long would it take to travel 390682810 miles at the speed of light?

35 minutes Speed of Light is 671 million miles per hour.

How many miles does it take to travel 637 miles?

637 miles. Did you mean how long does it take to travel 637 miles? That would depend on how fast you are going. That would depend on what your speed is, your miles per hour.

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