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Average speed is usually a unit rate. So, if you travel 350 miles in 1 hour then that is said"350 miles per hour."

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Q: What would your average speed be if you traveled 350 miles in hour?
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What is the average speed of a car that traveled 500 miles in 4 hours?

The vehicle would be traveling at 125 mph.

Is speed the distance that has been traveled?

No. The average speed would be the distance traveled divided by the elapsed time.

How far would you traveled in 7 hours at an average speed of 65 mph?

7 x 65, must be around 450 miles...

How long does it take to drive 0.34 miles?

Average Speed = (distance traveled) / (total time), Total time = (distance traveled) / (average speed). So, to calculate time taken, you need to know the speed and the distance. Note that average speed is a quantity that is normally calculated based on the distance traveled and the time taken. If you slow down and speed up, these factors affect your average speed over a given distance. But if you were already traveling at a given speed and stay constant (say you're on a flat straight road and you're traveling at 50 miles per hour with the cruise control set), then your average speed would be that constant speed. So, in the example, if you were going 50 MPH, then: Total time = (distance traveled) / (average speed) = 0.34 miles / (50 miles/hour) = 0.0068 hr = 0.408 minutes = 24.48 seconds (note this is only for the example speed of 50 MPH - plug in your own speed to obtain the result that you are looking for)

If you travel 1 mile at 1000 miles per hour and then another mile at 1 mile per hour what is your average speed?

Previously Written:: "WRONG!the average speed is the mean..or (1000 + 1) divided by 21000 miles an hour"Edited Answer::You have to take in to account of not only the speed but the distance traveled in the time allotted. You cover two miles in 3603.6 Seconds or roughly one mile per 1,801.8 Seconds which translates into 30.03 Minutes.2 Miles in 60.06 Minutes translates to traveling a little bit slower than 2 miles per hour.The only way to get the average speed or the mean is if you traveled at 1000 MPH for an hour, then traveled another hour at 1 MPH. You would have traveled 1001 Miles which then you could divide that by how many hours you drove. Then your average speed would be 500.5 MPH.It's a trick question, because you only travel one mile for 1000 MPH. Which makes the mile traveled in 3.6 Seconds. Hardly enough for an average speed of anything more than 2 Miles per hour.

What is average speed and how do you calculate it?

to find average speed divide the distance traveled by the time it took to travel that distance so for example: what is the average speed of a runner that traveled 10 miles in 2 hours? 10(distance)/2(time) = 5(speed), so the answer would be 5 miles per hour although they may not have been traveling 5 miles per hour the whole time the average speed they were traveling is 5 miles per hour. also you can find the distance by multiplying the time by the speed. and to find time, multiply speed by distance. (dont forget units will vary for answers) hope this helped :)

In a recent book entitled your old man and the sea Daniel hays and his father traveled 17000 miles from new London Connecticut to Rio de Janeiro the trip took 317 days what was the average speed?

The average speed would be 2.2 miles per hour.

What would be the speed of ashley's car if she traveled 140 miles in two days?

70 miles per day.

If you travel 145 miles in 3.5 hours how much miles will you travel in 5 hours?

To travel 145 miles in 3.5 hours requires an average speed of 145/3.5 mph. The distance traveled at this speed for 5 hours would be approximately 207 miles (5 x 145/3.5 miles).

How much time would it take an airplane to reach its destination if it traveled at an average speed of 790 kilometers hour for a distance of 4700 kilometers what is the airplanes speed in miles hour?

5530/790=7 hours

What is the average speed of a car that traveled 300.0 miles in 5.5 hours?

How much time would it take for the sound of thunder to travel 1.500 meters if sound travels at a speed of 330 m/sec

What does speed equals distance over time mean?

S=d/t It's an Equation to show how to calculate the speed which would be the distance the object has traveled divided by the time is traveled for. Here's an Example: My Car traveled 10 miles in 10 hours so my speed would be 1mph as Distance: 10 miles divided by Time: 10 hours gives me 1mph.