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You cannot directly associate volume with area. however if you meant cubic meters, there are 1000 litres in a cubic meter

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Q: How mant liters in a square meter?
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How mant liters are in a meter?

None, litres are a measure of volume, metres are a measure of lenght, they do not mix.

How do you convert gallons per square foot to liters per square meter?

Use this formula: (US) gallons per square foot x40.745 = liters per square meter

How mant centimeters in a meter?

1 meter = 100 centimeters

How mant milliters are in 2 liters?


What is the area of Mant?

The area of Mant is 19.34 square kilometers.

How mant inches are in a meter?

39.37 inches.

What type of measure is liters per meter?

I'd say you're missing a term. As it stands, liters per meter makes no sense (liter is volume, meter is length. "Liters per square meter" would be a measure of average depth.

How do you convert liters to square meter?

You cannot convert a volume to an area. You can, however, convert liters to cubic meters, since both are volumes. There are 1000 liters in a cubic meter, so to convert to cubic meters divide by 1000 liters / cubic meter.

How to Convert 56 liters to meter squared?

Cant be done liters have 3 dimensions square meters have 2

How many liters in 5 square meters by 1 meter?

five thousand

How do you convert square meters into liters?

Meters squared is not a unit of volume like liters. Therefore, you cannot convert that to liters. If you are trying to convert CUBIC meters to liters, then the conversion is 1000 liters in one cubic meter.well a square meter is 10000 cm squared. (100 cm by 100 cm). a liter is a unit of volume and is in cm cubed, not squared. So to answer your question how many liters are in a square meter, you need to add a third dimension. A square meter that is one cm thick, there would be (100 x 100 x 1 cm) = 10000 cm cubed. A cm cubed is a milliliter, so that would make there be 10 liters.

How many liters of paint per square meter?

Approximately one fifth of a litre will paint a square metre.

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