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Only 1, because after that you would be cutting it from a 24.5cm slice of bread

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50 standard sliced, but many more if you divide the loaf lengthwise in squares or wedges. For instance, you should be able to make 100 canape size Sandwiches (200 slices divided by 2 slices per serving.)

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Q: How many 0.5cm slices of breads can you cut from a whole bread that's 25cm long?
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What are the types of bread?

There are several types of bread that include yeast breads and flat breads. Other types of bread includes wheat breads, white breads, and whole grain breads.

Is one slice of bread considered a whole grain?

It depends on the bread. Some breads are made of whole grain, some breads are partially made of whole grain, and some breads have no whole grains at all. It is a good idea to check the ingredients list for accurate information.

How many 5 cm slices of bread can you cut from a whole bread that's 25cm long?

5 slices.

Is squaw bread better fro you than whole wheat?

Squaw bread is a bread that was developed by German immigrants to the United States as they found that some of the ingredients needed for their traditional rye breads were unavailable. Squaw bread then, is a variation of a whole rye bread. Rye grains are higher in carbohydrates but lower in protein. Additionally, rye breads are higher in fiber and have a better insulin response than whole wheat breads. Overall, both breads can be part of a balanced diet when eaten in moderation.

How many slices of bread is 3.8 g?

The question is difficult to answer. Thicker bread slices will be heavier than thinner slices off the same type if bread, Different types of bread of the same slice thickness, such as white bread, whole grain bread, will not have the same weight.

What is more nutrient dense avocado or wheat bread?

On a quiz in my nutrition class we had this question with 6 slices of avocado vs. 3 slices of whole wheat bread. The answer was whole wheat bread was more nutrient dense.

Is six slices of whole wheat bread to much in one day?

how much whole wheat bread in a daily diet

Do bread crumbs spoil?

Yes they can. Just like whole loaves of bread and slices of bread, bread crumbs can expire.

How many calories are in two slice whole wheat bread?

Two slices on whole-wheat bread have, on average, 120-160 calories.

How many mg of calcium is in 2 slices of whole wheat bread?

It depends how much the bread weighs......

How many calories in 4 slices of whole wheat bread?


What word means the whole bread before you cut it into slices?


Which bread has the higher fiber content?

Whole-grain breads are highest in fiber.

Which type of bread has the highest fiber?

Whole-grain breads are highest in fiber.

Why does wheat bread mold faster than other breads?

If in your experiment, whole wheat bread has molded faster than other breads, you should look at the ingredients used to make the bread and the processing conditions where the bread was produced. The wheat bread could have been exposed to more mold to begin with or the other breads may have used mold inhibitors.

Excatly how many slices of 1.5cm each can you cut from a whole bread which is 22.5 cm long?

1 because after 1 slice the bread will not be whole.

Does bread have fiber in it?

Breads made from whole grains contain dietary fiber. Breads made from refined (white) flours have negligible fiber.

Is whole wheat bread good for your gerbil?

If its stale then yes whole meal breads are good but they should not have to much.

How many points are 2 slices of sourdough bread by weight watchers?

Two slices of sourdough bread is 5 points on the Weight Watchers program. If you purchase Weight Watchers rye or whole wheat bread, it is only 2 points.

What are different types of breads?

If you are asking what types of breads there are, then there are many different types, shapes, and sizes. Then there are the different countries that make bread differently. The most common kinds of bread are: rye, wheat, white, whole meal or whole wheat bead, mixed grain, sourdough, bagel, and gluetin free bread.

Which is the healthiest bread?

Whole grain breads with no artificial chemicals or refined sugars are the healthiest.

How many calories are in 2 slices of whole wheat bread?

there are 100 calories

How many mg of calcium are in 2 slices of whole wheat bread?


Does the color of bread relate to the amount of whole grain?

Not necessarily. Whole grain breads do tend to be brown rather than white, but so does bread with a little caramel coloring added.

Does whole grain wheat bread have any carbohydrates?

Whole grain wheat bread does contain carbohydrates. In fact, although whole grain wheat bread is very healthy, it contains more complex carbohydrates than even the all white breads.

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