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Q: How many 12 X 36 tiles in a box that says it covers 24 sq ft?
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How many box will you need if theres 256 tiles and 10 tiles are in one box?

If 10 tiles are already in one box, then there are 246 tiles remaining.If the 10 tiles fill the first box, then in order to box up all of the remaining tiles,you need 25 more boxes of the same size. (24 of them will be full. One won't.)

How many tiles are in one box?


How many 12x12 tiles in a box?

If 12x12 is 144... There would be 144 tiles in a box right?

Box holds 11 square feet and it takes 4 tiles to make a square foot how many tiles are in a box?

4*11=44 44 tiles

How many 16x16 tiles would you need for 242sq ft?

You need 27 Box of 9 tiles

How many tile in a box?

If 12x12 is 144... There would be 144 tiles in a box right?

How many 50x50 centimeter tiles can you fit into a 1 meter by 1meter box?

You can fit four tiles exactly on each layer - so it depends on the height of the box and the height of the tiles !

How many glass 12 x 12 tiles come in a box?

That depends on how big the box is.

A box of tiles costs 48.00 and covers 16 square feet. How much will it cost to tile a floor that is 8 feet by 15 feet?


If tiles are 13x13 how many tiles in a box?

Every manufacture is different. Even the same manufacture will change how many by the series. It is best to read that right from the box. It is usually no less then 10 and no more than 16.

How many boxes of 16 by 16 tiles for a space measuring 39 feet by 4 feet?

It depends on the number of tiles in a box!

How many tile you need for 640 foot?

If the tiles are 12x12" you need 640 of them...if not, on the tile box it will tell you how many ft. you can do per box.