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Two tiles of 16 ft*16 ft will cover 512 square feet.

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Q: How many 16x16 tiles to make 347 square feet?
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How many 16X16 tiles to make 672 square feet?


How many 16X16 tiles to make 300 square feet?

Each 16 inch tile is 1.78 square feet. You would need 169 tiles, plus some for spoilage.

How many 16x16 tiles make up 1000 square ft?


How many 6x6 tiles do you need to make 100 square feet?

400. That's because there are four six-by-six tiles in each square foot. 4 tiles per square foot X 100 square feet = 400 tiles.

How many 16x16 tiles to make 50 square feet?

LXW= sq inches Sq Inches divided by 144 (sq inches in a sq foot)= the # of sq ft per tile (It will be about 1.7 but you have to do the math to be exact) 50 sq feet divided by (sq ft per tile) = the number of tiles somewhere between 25 -30 tiles...

Box holds 11 square feet and it takes 4 tiles to make a square foot how many tiles are in a box?

4*11=44 44 tiles

How many 16x16 to make 480 square feet?

If they are 16ft x 16ft, two will be more than enough.

How many 6x6 tiles do you need to make 60 square feet?


How many 6x6 tiles do you need to make 70 square feet?

It takes 4 6x6 inch tiles to cover a square foot. You will need 180 tiles, plus some for spoilage and mistakes.

What would be the width of a a ceiling covered by 49 square tiles when the tiles are 4 square feet?

Type your answer here... You first need to make an assumption that both the tiles are square and the ceiling is square, otherwise there are any number of possible answers. Each tile would therefore measure 2 ft x 2 ft. The ceiling would be 7 tiles x 7 tiles. The width of the ceiling would be 7 tiles x 2 feet = 14 feet.

How many 16X16 square inch tiles are needed for 500 square feet?

500 sq ft = 500*12*12 = 500*144 = 72000 sq inches You would need 72000/256 tiles of 16*16 sq inch ie 281.25 tiles. The above answer is good only for mathematical purposes. In real life, you would need to take account of the shape of the area and also make an allowance for wastage.

How many 13x13 tiles does it take to cover 100 square feet?

13 x 13 (assumed inches) is 13/12 feet x 13/12 feet, so the area of one tile is 169/144 square feet. To cover 100 square feet you need (100)/(169/144) tiles which works out to (100 x 144)/169 = 14400/169 = 85.2, make it 86 tiles

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