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You'll need 200 18-inch tiles.

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Q: How many 18x18 square inch tiles will it take for 450 square feet?
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How many 18x18 square inch tiles for 340 square feet?


How many 18x18 square inch tiles are needed for 50 square feet?

22.2 tiles so buy 23 tiles.

How many 18x18 square inch tiles are needed for 600 square feet?

266.666666666 so rounding up 267 tiles.

How many 18x18 square feet ceramic tiles it takes to cover 247 square feet?

It is not clear what is meant by an "18x18 square feet" tile. 18ft * 18 ft = 324 square feet, so that one tile will be more than enough. An 18 inch by 18 inch tile cannot be a 18x18 square feet tile.

How many 18x18 inch tiles do you need to cover 90 square feet?

18" x 18" = 1.5' x 1.5' = 2.25 square feet90/2.25 = 40 tiles.

How many feet in an 18x18 inch tile?

2.25 square feet

How many 18x18 tiles will need to cover 1000 square feet?

It depends on the units used for measuring the tiles. Obviously, the number of 18 inch x 18 inch tiles required will not be the same as 18 cm x 18 cm tiles. And if there were 18 yard x 18 yard tiles, you would need only 1.

How many 2 square inch tiles to cover 72 square feet?

5,184 2-square-inch tiles are needed.

How many 18x18 square inch tiles are needed for 144 square feet?

144/(1.5*1.5) = 64 tiles, but if you are using this to determine how many are needed to tile a room, you need to add at least 10% for edging around the room. So, you probably need at least 71 or more tiles.

How many 16 inch tiles in 400 square feet?

225 16-inch tiles.

How many 24 inch tiles are in 3500 square feet?

875 24-inch tiles.

How many 10x10 inch square tiles does it take to cover 12.5 square feet?

18 10x10-inch tiles.