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It depends on the units used for measuring the tiles. Obviously, the number of 18 inch x 18 inch tiles required will not be the same as 18 cm x 18 cm tiles.

And if there were 18 yard x 18 yard tiles, you would need only 1.

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Q: How many 18x18 tiles will need to cover 1000 square feet?
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How many 12 x 12 tiles to cover 1000 square feet?

1,000 tiles.

How many 19.75 x 19.75 inch tiles needed to cover 1000 square feet?

A 19.75 x 19.75 inch tile covers 390.0625 square inches, or 2.70877 square feet (divide by 144, which is 122, since we're working in square quantities). 1000 / 2.70877 = 369.171 tiles to cover the given area. (Were you to purchase tiles to actually do this, you'd haver to buy at least 370 tiles, since you can't buy 0.171 tiles.)

How many 20x20 tiles will take to cover 1000 sq ft?

Just multiply 20 by 20 to find that each tile has 400 square feet to it. Then divide 1000 by 400 to find that you'll need 2.5 tiles -- so you should buy three.

How many 16x16 tiles make up 1000 square ft?


How much sod will it take to cover 1000 Square feet of land?

1000 square feet of sod, or 111 square yards

How many 36x36 inch tiles needed to cover 1000 square feet?

36" = 3 ft 36" x 36" = (3 ft) x (3 ft) = 9 square feet per tile 1000/9 = 1111/9 tiles. Either buy 112 of them, or else buy 111 and plan your work carefully so that the one bare square foot winds up under the refrigerator or the bed.

How many square miles does the city and country of denver cover?

1000 square miles

How many 30 mm x 30 mm tiles in a square meter?

Area of each tile = 30*30 = 900 mm2. Area to be covered = 1000*1000 = 1,000,000 mm2 So, number of tiles required = 1,000,000/900 = 1111.11... tiles.

How many square feet will a bale of pine straw cover?


How many 24x24 tiles for 1000 sq Ft?

250 tiles

If water lilies cover 1000 square feet of your pond and they double every year how many square feet will they cover after 6 years?


How many tiles 18 by 18 to cover 350 sqft?

It depends on the units used for 18 by 18. For example, two tiles of 18 ft x 18 ft will be enough. On the other hand, you will need just over 1000 tiles measuring 18 cm x 18 cm.

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