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Q: How many 2'x4' panels do you need to cover a 110 square foot floor?
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3/4 square feet. How many tiles are required to cover 200 square foot floor?


How many 1 foot square tiles will be needed to cover a rectangular floor area that is 750 feet?

It should take about 825 1 foot square tiles to cover a floor with those dimensions. This assumes roughly a 10% waste factor.

How many plywood sheets are needed to cover a 144 square foot floor?

One, if it is big enough.

A square room has a perimeter of 32 feet How many floor tiles 1 foot on a side are needed to cover the floor of the room?


If a room is 400 square feet how many 2 foot by 2 foot tiles would it take to cover it?

A tile measuring 2 foot by two foot (which, incidentally, is an unusually large tile) has an area of 4 square feet, so it would take 100 such tiles to cover a 400 square foot floor.

The perimeter of the square room is 80 feet how many floor tiles 1 foot square would be needed to cover the area of the room?


How many 1 foot square tiles will it take to cover a rectangle floor that measures 8 yards by 5 yards?

the answer is 40 square yards

What is the square foot of 12x15 floor?

180 square feet Assuming you mean a 12 foot by 15 foot floor, the answer is 12*15 = 180 square feet.

An 18-by 42-foot rectangular roof wil be covered by square panels that measure 3 feet on each side if the panels are not cut how many of them will be needed to cover the roof?

What's the slope rocket surgeon?

How many 1 foot by foot square tiles would be needed to cover a floor that is 17 feet long?

you need to know how wide the floor is in addition to how long. Number of tiles is lenght x width

How many square yard of carpet will it take to cover a 18 foot by 20 foot floor?

18-ft x 20-ft = 360 square ft1 square yard = 9 square ft360 square ft = (360/9) = 40 square yards

What is an example of a square foot?

Look at your kitchen floor. Many linoleum floor tiles are 1 square foot in area. One foot on each side. ■