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18-ft x 20-ft = 360 square ft

1 square yard = 9 square ft

360 square ft = (360/9) = 40 square yards

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Q: How many square yard of carpet will it take to cover a 18 foot by 20 foot floor?
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Will 4 square feet of carpe cover a 4 foot by 4 foot room?

You will need a minimum of 16 square feet of carpet to cover that area.

How many square yard of carpet are needed to cover a 10 foot x 13 foot floor?

The carpet or vinyl comes commonly in 12 foot goods so take 12 x 13 = 156 then divide it by 9 and you get 17.3 yds

How many yards of carpet do you need to cover a 14 foot by 14 foot room?

Roughly 22 square yards.

How many square yards of carpet are needed to cover a floor that is 696 square feet?

There are 9 square feet in one square yard, so 696SF = 77.33 Square Yards. However, because carpet comes in different widths, you usually have to buy more than the exact amout to avoid small patches (unless the carpet width fits the room exactly). If the room is 24feet by 29feet, you could probably find carpet that is 12feet wide, resulting in no scraps (two 12 foot sections cover the 24 foot dimension).

How many square feet of carpet to cover a 11 foot by 11 foot room?

A minimum of 121 square feet. Just multiply length by width - the answer is the square footage.

Ramona is ordering carpet for a room that is 19.5 feet by 41.6 feet The carpet is 9.50 per square foot About how many square feet of carpet will Ramona need to order to make sure she can cover the?

800 square feet

How many square feet of carpet you need to cover a 13 foot by 16 foot room how many square?

13-ft x 16-ft = 208 square feet

3/4 square feet. How many tiles are required to cover 200 square foot floor?


How many square feet of carpet do you need to cover a 12 foot by 18 foot room how many square yards?

The area in square feet is 216. The area in yards is 24 yard2.

How do i convert square feet to a percentage?

Percentages are used when comparing two things. I'll give you an example: You have a piece of carpet and a room to put it in, and you want to know what percentage of the floor the carpet will cover. The carpet is 100 square feet, and the room is 150 square feet. The formula is: (square footage of the carpet / square footage of the room) x 100 100/150 is .6667; multiply that by 100 to get 66.67 percent. If you want to carpet the room wall-to-wall, you need more carpet. OTOH, if you have a 200 square foot carpet and a 100 square foot room... (200/100) x 100 = the carpet is 200 percent of the size of the room, and you'll have to cut half of it off.

If you have 200 squares of carpet and each measures one square foot do you have enough squares to carpet a room that is 12 feet by 15 feet?

Yes. The area of the floor in the room is (12 x 15) = 180 square feet. You can carpet the floor and have 20 squares left over.

How many 2'x4' panels do you need to cover a 110 square foot floor?


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