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When it comes to mulch or concrete, a so-called "yard"
actually means a "cubic yard".

1 cubic yard = 27 cubic feet
2 cubic yards = 54 cubic feet
6 cubic yards = 162 cubic feet ( = 81 bags )

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Q: How many 2 cubic feet bags of mulch do you need to equal 6 yards of mulch?
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2 cubic feet equals how many yards?

1 cubic yard = 27 cubic feet, thus 1 cubic feet = 1/27 cubic yards and 2 cubic feet = 2/27 cubic yards (1 bag of mulch) Landscapers speak in yards of mulch needed for a garden. They are referring to cubic yards. A bag of mulch is 2 cubic feet, so you would need 13.5 bags of mulch to equal 1 cubic yard (yard of mulch)

How many 2 cubic feet bags of mulch is equal to 4 yards?

1 cubic yard = 27 cubic feet 4 cubic yards = 108 cubic feet Since each bag contains 2 cubic feet of mulch, the required number of bags is 108/2 which is 54

How many bags of 8 cubic feet of mulch will it take to measure 7 cubic yards?


How many bags of mulch of 2 cu ft do i need to cover 49 yards?

1 cubic yard is 3x3x3 = 27 cubic feet 49 yards = 49x27 = 1323 cubic feet 1323/2 = 661 bags - that is a lot of bags! Make sure by yards you mean actual cubic yards, not linear yards, in which case you need to know depth and width of mulch as well

How many 2 cubic feet equals bags of mulch equals 6 cubic yards?

81. There are 27 cubic feet in a cubic yard

How much mulch in cubic yards to cover a 10 ft by 15 ft garden 4 inches thick?

1.85 cubic yards...probably 25 bags or so

How many 5 cubic bags of sand do you need to make 2 yards?

You need10.8/(the number of cubic feet of sand in each bag) bags.

How many 2 cubic foot bags of mulch equals one yard of mulch?

13.5 bags are required.

How many 2 cubic feet bags will you need to equal 5 cubic yards?

Since 5 cubic yard equals 15 cubic feet, you will need (8) 2 cubic feet bags to cover 5 cubic yards

1 bag of mulch covers 2 cubic yards how many bags needed to cover 4 yards?

Well, gee, I think that would be 2 bags. But if you have found a bag that is 2 cubic yards, that is ONE HUGE BAG...Enough to fill the back of a pick-up truck. I think you better look into your phrasing, one cubic yard of mulch will cover 100 square feet, or an area that is 10' x 10'. IMPROVED ANSWER: I think you mean that 1 bag of mulch will cover 2 cubic feet. That's the standard bag sold at Lowes & Home Depot. 1 cubic yard = 27 cubic feet (3'x3'x3'=27). Therefore 4 cubic yards is equal to 108 cubic feet. You would need 54 bags (108/2=54).

How many bags of mulch would be in a cubic yard of mulch?

It depends on the size of the bag.

How many bags of mulch to equal 1 yard of mulch?

It depends on the size of the bag of mulch. If the bags are 3 cu.ft., 9 bags equal 1 yard, but if the bags are 2 cu.ft., approximately 13-14 bags equal 1 yard.

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How many bags of mulch to equal 1 yard of mulch?

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