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id say 10.000

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Q: How many 30cm squared tiles will fill an area of 30 meters squared?
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How many tiles is 30 x 30 in 12m?

If you're using 30cm x 30cm tile then it cover 900 cm area using 1 tile and your area is 12m x 12m=144m x 100 = 14400cm. Now 14400cm / 900cm = 16.You need 16 pcs of 30cm x 30cm tiles.

How many 30cm x 30cm tiles needed for 18.5 square metres?

Whenever different units are specified in a problem, we need to convert them to one common unit. The total area is given in square meters but the tile measurements are given in cm. So let's convert the tile measurements to meters. Why not convert the total area to square centimeters. Sure you can, only thing is all measurements must be in the same unit. No mixing of units. So the tile size in meters is 0.3m x 0.3m and so the area of a single tile is 0.09 square meter. Divide total area by area of a single tile and you will get the number of tiles needed. Thus the number of tiles needed is 18.5/0.09 = 205.5 tiles, make it 206 tiles.

What are the side lengths of a square if its area is 81 meters squared?

The side lengths of a square if its area is 81 meters squared is: 9 meters.

What is a area of a rectangle that is 45 cm by 30cm?

1,350 cm squared To find the area of a rectangle you just use the equation l x w = area squared (length times width = area squared). So you would just multiply 45 and 30

How fast can a cheetah travel in meters squared?

This does not make sense. Meters squared is a unit of area, not distance.

A path is 12meters long and 50cm wide find its area in meters squared?

6 meters squared

How many tiles of 10cm by 20cm fit in 1m squared area?


What is the area of a square which has a perimeter of 48 meters?

A square with a perimeter of 48 meters has an area of 144 meters squared.

If ceramic tiles are 203mm by 203mm how many tiles would it take to cover an area of 1 meters by 2 meters?


What is the surface area of a prism whose bases each have an area 16 meters squared and whose lateral surface area is 64 meters squared?

work it out

How many tiles measuring 300mm by 450mm to cover an area of 13 sqare meters do you need?

300 mm = 0.300 meters and 450 mm = 0.450 meters. Therefore, the area of each tile in square meters is 0.300 X 0.450 = 0.135 square meters. Therefore, the smallest number of tiles that can cover an area of 13 square meters is 13/0.135 or at least 97 tiles.

How many 25x25cm tiles are in 25 sq meters?

We, know that tiles are square.So, first calculate area of tiles =side X side .Now , no. of tiles = area of room /area of tiles .Hence,no.of tiles =2500 X 2500 /25 X25 =10000