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Q: How many 40 pound H6 cratering charges and how many blocks of C-4 are needed to create a relieved-face road crater 34 feet long?
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Which types of nuclear detonations create a large crater?

Surface bursts and shallow subsurface bursts. The largest craters for a given yield are produced by shallow subsurface bursts at optimal cratering depth for that yield.

What are some crater producing events?

So far as astronomers can tell, cratering events on planetoid surfaces are caused by meteoroid or cometary impacts only. The were very, very common in the early days of our solar system, right after planet formation, and have slowed down considerably since then. The most obvious recent large crater-producing event is Meteor Crater in Arizona, believed to have been about 40,000 years ago.

Is the Copernicus Crater a Volcanic crater?

No. Copernicus crater is an impact crater.

What is mount Etna's crater dimensions?

At the summit there are four craters: the Northeast Crater, Bucca Nuova Crater, Southeast Crater and Varagine Crater.

What is the Moon's largest crater?

The cheese crater. The cheese crater is the cheeseiest crater in all of cheese land.

What largest crater has a lake above it?

crater lake crater lake

Steep walled depression around volcano vent?

Volcanic crater.

What is a sentence for crater?

There is a crater on the moon.

What is a crater volcano?

a crater volcano is...

What is A bowl shaped hole on the surface of a planet or moon that was caused by the impact of meteorite?

This is known as an impact crater. Please see the related link.

What is crater density?

the crater dentsity is not that much

Where is sunset crater located?

Sunset Crater is located in Arizona.