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200.5p coins go into 10 pounds

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Q: How many 5p coins go into 10 pounds?
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How many 5p are in 4 pounds?

80 5p coins.

How many 5p coins can be changed for a 50p coin?

10, obviously.

How many pounds is four hundred 5p coins?


How many 5p make 100 English pounds?

20 x 5p = £1 200 x 5p = £10 2,000 x 5p = £100

How many ways to make 10 pence with coins?

Ten 1p coins Eight 1p coins 2p coin Six 1p coins two 2p coins Four 1p coins three 2p coins Two 1p coins four 2p coins. Two 5p coins One 5p coin two 2p coins one 1p coin One 5p coin one 2p coin three 1p coins One 5p coin five 1p coins Five 2p coins One 10p coin

How many ways to make 10p using 1p 2p and 5p coins?


How many 5p coins in 1 pound?


How many 5p makes 90p?

18 5p coins make 90p.

How many 5p coins in a liter bottle?

too many!

How many ways to make 25p using 1p 2p 5p 10p 20p coins?

how many ways to make 25p using 1p 2p 5p 10p 20 coins

How many 5p coins are equal in value to 150p?

150p/5p = 30 of them

How many 5p in 10?

question does not say what the 10 is . 5p x 2 = 10p 5p x 20 = £1 5p x 200 = £10

How many 2p's arw in a 1.00?

There are 100 pennys in a pound. Other coins are: 1p (p=penny) 2p 5p 10p 20p 50p 1 pound (my keyboard doesn't have the pounds sign for some reason...) 2 pounds Then there are the notes: 5 pounds 10 pounds 20 pounds 50 pounds Hope this helped you, happy coin collecting.

How many 5 p coins equal to 7 pound?

There are 140 of 5p coins in £7

How many ways can you make 50 pence with silver coins?

13 ways. They are:10 x 5p8 x 5p + 1 x 10p6 x 5p + 2 x 10p6 x 5p + 1 x 20p4 x 5p + 3 x 10p4 x 5p + 1 x 10p + 1 x 20p2 x 5p + 4 x 10p2 x 5p + 2 x 10p + 1 x 20p2 x 5p + 2 x 20p5 x 10p3 x 10p + 1 x 20p1 x 10P + 2 x 20p1 x 50pNote that no modern British coins are made of silver, though. Coins of 5p and above are made of copper-nickel.

You have 2 coins in your hand and they add up to 11p what are they and 1 of them is not a 10p?

6p and 5p are the coins

How many 5p make 1 pound?


How many 5p in 5 pounds?


Value of a 5p coin with a monkey?

Well the coins worth 5p but the monkey's worth about $400

How many designs are there for fifty pence coins?

1p , 50p , 2p , 10p , 20p .5p

How many 5p coins are in 1.35?


How many ways to make 15p using 1P 2P 5P and 10P coins?


How many ways to make 50p using 10p 5p and 2p coins?

21 ways

How many 5p coins make 10p?

two £0.05 + £0.05 = £0.10

How many 5p make 1?