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6 and one quarter fifths go into one and a quarter.

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Q: How many 5ths go into one and a quarter?
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How many times can 6 go into 1.50?

One quarter.

How many one hundredths go into one quarter?

1/4 = 25/100

How many times does one and a quarter go into the fraction four fifteenths?

It goes 16/75 times.

How many beats does a dotted quarter note get?

one and 1/2 beats go to a dotted quarter note. The dot adds 50% of its value without the dot.

How Many 1 over 100's go in a quarter?

25 A quarter is 25/100

How many times can 15 go into 3.75?

Less than one time (0.25) as 15.0 is larger than 3.75.

How many eighth notes go into a quarter note?


What they do for the hunger games 1 quarter quell?

For the first Quarter Quell, you were to be elected by the people in your district to go. Everyone had to vote for one male and one female.

How many pounds can go into a quarter of ounce?

1/64 pounds

How do you get through hearthome city?

you go to the next two gyms she is the 5ths gym leader so wait

Can you go from a 1.98 to a 2.5 GPA in one quarter?

That's going to depend on how many hours went into the 1.98, and how many hours you can take in the new quarter. I just worked it out quickly and can't guarantee that I'm right, but the result I get says that on a 4-point grading system, in order to raise a 1.98 GPA to a 2.5 in one quarter, you have to take a shade more that 1/3 as many hours in the new quarter as were in the 1.98, and get straight A's in all of them.

What are some of the places that one can seek information on raising an American Quarter horse?

There are many places one might go to find information concerning raising an American Quarter horse. In addition to information provided by a local stable, one might also try the local library.

How many yards go into 0.25 inches?

There are 36 inches in one yard. Therefore, one quarter of an inch is equal to 1/144, or 0.00694 recurring (that is, 0.00694444..) yards.

How many times does 3 quarter cups go into 2 and a half cups?

3 times then add another 1 quarter cup.

How many beats does 2 quarter notes get that are connected?

In music, two quarter notes tied together get the same amount of beats as a half note: two beats. If one quarter note is one beat, and you put together two, you get two beats. Remember, one sixteenth plus one sixteenth equals one eighth. One eighth plus one eighth equals one quarter. One quarter plus one quarter equals one half. One half plus one half equals a whole. The same goes for rests, and later on you will probably get some thirty-second notes or sixty-fourth notes. You just go the opposite direction: two sixty-fourth notes equal a thirty-second note. Two thirty-second notes equal a sixteenth note. And then you go to eighths, quarters, halves, and wholes. I hope this helps!

How many days does it take to go from first quarter to waning crescent?

The waning crescent should begin roughly 14.7 days after First Quarter.

How many days does it take from a first quarter moon to the next new moon?

Well, it takes 1 week to go from New Moon to First Quarter moon (7 days). It takes another week to go from First Quarter Moon to Full Moon. It takes ANOTHER week to go from Full Moon to Last Quarter Moon and ONE MORE WEEK to go from Last Quarter Moon to New Moon again. So, from First Quarter to New moon - it takes about 3 weeks (or 21 days). It takes 4 weeks for the moon to go around Earth once (that's why it's called a 'month" - month comes from the word moon)

Where does 4 fifths go on a number line?

4/5ths is smaller than 1 but bigger than 1/2.

How long does an AFL quarter go for?

An AFL quarter is 25 minutes.

How fast will a mustang go with nitrous?

One second faster in quarter mile with a 125 shot

How many earth years does it take mercury to go round the sun?

About one-quarter of an Earth-year. Mercury orbits the Sun in just over 88 days.

How long does the moon take to go around the earth a quarter of the way?

One orbit around the Earth takes 29.5 days, so one quarter of that is a few hours more than a week.

How long does it take veyron to go a quarter mile?

it takes a veyron 6 seconds to go a quarter mile

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one guy asked me for a quarter so he can buy a PAC of smokes i was like wtf a quarter that's 25cent how you go get a PAC with that

How many pounds go into four ounces?

A quarter of a pound goes into 4 ounces , 16 ounces go into each pound.