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That depends on the thickness or diameter of the tube.

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Q: How many 6 MM round beads are in a tube?
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How many 13 x18 mm beads in 15.5 inches?

Anything from 21 to 30 beads, depending on their orientation.

How many 1.5 mm beads will make a 18 cm bracelet?


How many mm is a 2ct round shaped diamond?

Depending on the depth of the round brilliant cut, the measurement can be estimated at about 8 mm at the girdle.

How many mm are in a round 1 carat diamond?

At the girdle, this stone would measure about 6.5 mm.

How fast is a 9 MM round?

A 9 mm round out of a Glock 17 is 1148 feet per second

Does 94 mm fits inside 3 inch tube?

94 mm is about 3.7 inches so it will not fit a 3-inch tube.

How many Square mm in a 1 inch round circle?

Assuming that "1 inch round circle" refers to a circle whose circumference is 1 inch, its area is 51.34 sq mm.

How many mm is a 4 carat round diamond?

A four-carat round cut diamond measures about 10mm at the girdle. Different cuts would have various mm measurements for each weight.

How can you calculate the weight of a ms hollow square tube 50 mmx50 mm thickness 4 mm length 600 mm?

how to calculate the weight of 30x30 squre tube 2mm thick

What is 13x100 test tube?

A test tube 13 mm (about half an inch) in diameter and 100 mm (a bit under 4 inches) long.

How many necklaces will 90 and 108 beads make?

depends on how big those beads are and how you want to put them together If you want to use just those beads to make up a necklace then maybe 2-3 but again its all depending on the size of the beads. If you put seedbeads in between then you can make them stretch and make 10 or so necklaces.. Can you give more info on the size in mm of the beads.

How many 50 micrometer particles laid out side by side like a string of beads would make a line measuring 1 mm?


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