How many 6x6 tiles in sq ft?

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A square foot is 12" x 12" space. You have 4 ea of 6"x6" tiles in a square foot.

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Q: How many 6x6 tiles in sq ft?
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How many 6x6 tiles to cover 85sq ft?

LXW is the formula for area Then its 4 6X6 tiles = 1 sq ft each so looks a lot like 340 tiles

How many 6x6 tiles do you need to make 8 sq ft?

A square with 6" on each side is 1/4 sq ft, so there are 4 tiles in 1 sq ft, and 4 tiles x 8 = 32 tiles.

How many 1 sq ft tiles would be needed for a border for a 6x6 foot square?


8ft 6inx12ft rect floor how many 6inx6in tiles fit?

heres the math you do it.. area is calculatde as Length Times width= Area (in Sq ft here) 8' 6" is 8.5 feet 12' is 12' so looks like 8.5X12=??SQ FT so how many 6x6 tiles in a sq ft? one sq ft is 12"X12"= 144 sq inches one 6X6 tile = 36 sq inches so divide 144/36 & that will tell you how many tiles in a sq ft almost done take the sq feet of your 8.5X12= (Sq Ft)/ # of tiles per foot= your answweer

A 6 by 9 room needs how many 6 by 6 tiles?

A 6 x 9 room has 54 Sq. Ft. There are 4 6x6 tiles in a square foot. 4 x 54 = 216 tiles.

How many 24x24 tiles for 1000 sq Ft?

250 tiles

How many 4 sq ft tiles are need for 64 sq ft room?


How many 21x16 tiles would you need for 120sq ft?

21"x16"=336 sq inches 336 sq inches / 144 sq in per sq ft = 2.33 sq ft per tile 120 sq ft / 2.33 sq ft = 51 tiles Add 15% for breakage and cuts = 60 tiles

How many 1X1Ft tiles needed for 204 sq ft?

204 tiles

How many 2x3in tiles to cover 256 sq ft?

6,144 tiles !

How many 6 inch square tiles do you need to cover 5 sq feet?

There are 4 6X6 tiles per sq foot. So looks like 4 tiles X 5 Feet=20 tiles.

How many 12x24 tiles would you need for 3000 sq ft?

1500 tiles

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