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It depends how many you put in the bag. Popsicles are usually sold in the dozens in boxes.

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How much does a bag of popsicles cost?

It usally cost $2:00-$4:00

Do you capitalize 'popsicles'?


How many calories in popsicles?

About 40 calories.

Are popsicles homogeneous or heterogeneous?

Popsicles are heterogeneous.

How many kids eat cherry popsicles?


Can rabbits eat popsicles?

Yes they can eat popsicles.

How many people like Popsicles in Venezuela?

only 5

What are facts about Popsicles?

POPSICLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YAY!!!!!!!!! RANDOMNESS!!!!!! THEY ARE COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ISN'T IT FASINATING??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you spell popsicles?

That is the correct spelling of "popsicles" although it is originally a trademark name Popsicle.

Who discovered and what year was frozen popsicles were they invented?

Frank Epperson invented Popsicles in 1905.

What did the United Sates gain from the war of 1812?

They got many popsicles from there boss.

Bad effects of eating too many popsicles?

Who cares. Live life.

How does eating popsicles help when you are sick?

If you have trouble eating solid foods, popsicles may be edible.

Can you get drunk from popsicles?

If the popsicles contain alcohol, yes, they may cause you to become intoxicated. If not, then hell no.

Who needs popsicles?

i think the one who manufactures ice creams as well as students who is needing popsicles for their art project or rather math activity. Everyone needs popsicles! ( if you like them!) alot of people

Can you test popsicles?

It depends on the situation. If you are in a laboratory and would like to test the popsicles, say for instance its fructose contents, the amount of food color that was put in it and all that, then yes, you can definitely test popsicles.

What are Popsicles made of?


What rhymes with obstacles?


How do you get Popsicles out of their container?

To get popsicles out of the container, try squeezing gently the end with the frozen juice in it. That will cause it to push out of the container.

How many pounds in a bag?

Depends on how big the bag is, and what is in the bag.

What did hopi children wear?


Are popsicles gluten free?


Are popsicles considered ice cream?


How do you get your mom to buy popsicles?

you beg her

Can you get fat eating Popsicles?

yes you can