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The answer obviously depends on the size of the prism!

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Q: How many a quarter inch cubes can fit in a rectangular prism?
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What is the volume of a rectangular prism that is constructed of inch cubes?

The answer is the number of inch cubes used in the construction.

How many 1 inch cubes can fit into a 2 by 4 by 8 inch prism?

112 inch cubes.

What is the volume of the rectangular prism 1 inch by 1 inch by 1 inch?

1 cubic inch.1 cubic inch.1 cubic inch.1 cubic inch.

How many liters in a 30 cubic inch rectangular prism?

Approximately 1/2 liter (0.491611921 liter)

What is the volume of the prism?

the prism is made up of 1-inch cubes, then the answer is 36 in cubed

What would be the volume of a 6 by 4 by 5 prism?

The volume of a 6 x 4 x 5 inch rectangular prism is the product of those four values. The answer is 120.

How many 12 inch cubes fit into a rectangular prism that measures 4 inches long 5 inches wide and 612 inches high?

85. 12 x 12 = 144 4 x 5 x 612 = 12240 12240 ÷ 144 = 85

How many 1 inch cubes are created when you cut a 4 inch cube into equal pieces of 1 inch cubes?

16 1-inch cubes

If a prism's height is 5 in. length is 10 in. and width is 3 in. how many inch cubes will cover the bottom?

Thirty of them.

How many faces on a hexagonal prism and where?

A Prism is the name given to a solid which is the same size and shape no matter where you make a perpendicular cut through it at some point along it's length. We say that it's 'cross sectional' shape is unchanged along it's entire length. Answer:- 6 rectangular faces, and 2 hexagonal faces at the ends. Total = 8 Faces. Another example of a Prism is a piece of timber say 4x2 inch x 100 inch long. This is called a rectangular prism and has only 6 faces.

How many cubes with 1 inch sides can be placed in a rectangular solid of length 4 inches width 5 inches and height 2 inches?

4*5*2 = 40, so any number up to 40 cubes.

How many one- half inch cubes can fill a 1 inch cube?

Eight half inch cubes would fill a one inch cube.