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192 ft * 465 ft = 59985 ft²

Converting that to acres is: 1.3771 acres

Algebraic Steps / Dimensional Analysis59,985 ft²*1 acres

43560 ft²=1.377066116 acres

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Q: How many acres are 129ft wide and 465ft deep?
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How many acres make one town lot 300 ft make a lot?


200 feet wide x 600 feet deep how many acres?

2.75 acres.

200 feet wide x 900 feet deep how many acres?

200 feet wide x 900 feet deep is 4.132 acres.

If land is 80 feet wide and 180 feet deep how many acres is this?

Answer: 14,400 ft² = 0.330578 acres.

How many acres are in 530 feet wide x 524 feet deep?

Answer: 277,720 ft² = 6.37557 acres

How many acres are contained in a parcel 121 feet wide by 50 feet deep?

It is 0.1388... recurring acres.

How many acres of land in 1012feet deep and 508 feet wide?


How many gallons of water are in. 015 acres?

That's going to depend on how deep the water is.

If you have an area that is 605ft wide and 605ft deep how many acres do you have?

This area comprises 366,025 square feet which is equal to: about 8.4 acres. (8.40277778)

How many cubic yards in an acre 3 inches deep?

Three acres three inches deep is 403.33 cubic yards.

200 feet wide x 600feet deep how many acres?

One acre is 43,560 square feet. The conversion would be 2.75 acres.

How many acres is 264 feet wide and 305 feet deep?

264 feet * 305 feet = 80520 sq ft = 1.8484... acres.

How many miles is 42 acres?

it takes 640 acres to make a square mile. 42 acres = .15625 square miles an acre is approx 208.71 feet squared if you had 42 acres end to end, you would have a piece of land that is 1 acre x 42 acres deep or approx 208.71 feet wide x 5009.05 feet deep, which would equal about .039 miles x .95 miles deep. hope this helps

How many cubic yards to cover 26 acres 1 inch deep?

3,495.6 cubic yards.

How many cubic yards are in 5.6 acres 3.5 feet deep?

5.6 acres*3.5ft = 27104 sq yards*1.166... yards = 31621.33... cubic yards.

How many acres are there in 1 mile length of road frontage?

The answer will depend on how deep (how far from the road) the frontage extends.

How many acres in Australia?

* how many acres is Australia? 1,882,431,500 acres

How many gallons of water are in 7000 acres that is 183.5 ft deep?

In order to cover 7,000 acres 183.5-ft deep, you'll need . . .-- 0.38012 cubic mile-- 55,952,820,000 cubic feet-- 418,556,160,000 gallons-- 96,686,472,960,000 cubic inches

How many acres is in .97 acres?

.97 acres.

How many cubic yards in 100 acres 50 feet deep?

100 acres = 100*4840 = 48400 sq yards 100 acres*50 feet = 48400*50/3 cubic yards = 8,066,666.66... cu yards.

How many acres is in 0.459 acres?

Exactly 0.459 acres.

How many gallons of water does a pond 25 acres 6 ft deep hold?

A 25-acre pond that is uniformly 6 feet deep will hold about 48,877,714 gallons of water.

How many acres is the US?

no i asked for how many acres in the usa

How many acres of farmland are there?

How many acres of farmland are there in Pennsylvania

How many acres of land are there in the UK?

How many acres are in the UK