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An average football pitch is about 1.8 acres, the smallest acceptable pitch would be about 1.2 acres and the largest pitch about 3.0 acres.

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Q: How many acres are in a soccer field?
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How big is a soccer field in acres?

A soccer field is around 1.98 acres

A soccer field is 140 yards long and 100 yards wide how many acres are in the field?

About three (2.89) acres.

How many acres in a rugby field?

1.73 acres

How big is 2.7 acres?

2.7 acres is 10,926 and a half meters. This would be the size of a large soccer field if you need a comparison.

MR.Dolan planted 0.75 of a field with corn . the field is 5.5 acres in size .how many acres are planted with corn?

4.125 acres.

What is the area of a soccer field that is 110 m long and 85 m wide?

2.31043532 acres

How many acres do you need to build a soccer field?

For international matches, the dimensions of a soccer field are 330 to 360 feet long by 210 to 240 feet wide. Let's use the largest dimension ... 360 feet by 240 feet. That field would be 86,400 square feet. An acre has a size of 43,560 square feet. So an international match sized soccer field would fit snugly on two acres of land.

How many squares are on a soccer field?

There are no squares on a soccer field. There are, however, rectangles.

How many miles in a soccer field?

There is 6 to 7 miles in a soccer field

What would be the best metric unit to to measure the length of a soccer field?

In metersmetres and acres

How many soccer fields does it take to fill up 5 acres?

If you make a 100yd by 60yd field, it would need 326 fields to be filled.

How many acres in a American football field?

About 1

What is the role of each position on the soccer field?

how many people can be on the field in soccer at one time

How many flags are on a soccer field?

there are 4 flags on a soccer field; one in every corner.

How many acres is a football field?

A US, NFL regulation football field is 1.3223 acres.

What is the name of the french soccer field?

There are many soccer fields in France

How many acres do you need to build a football field?

You will need at least a solid 3 acres to build a football field. This is so that you can hold the bleachers as well as the field.

What field is bigger rugby field or a soccer field?

soccer field

How many meter is in soccer field?


How many players in a soccer field?


How many hectares in a soccer field?


How many laps are there in a soccer field?


How many acres in a field 100 ft wide by 1115 ft long?

2.56 acres (US)

How many players in a soccer team on a field?

you can have 11 players on the field

Which is bigger a soccer field or a football field?

Soccer field