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A football field, within the "in-bounds" area of the field, is 0.9 acres -- starting at the goal line and ending at the 10 yard line on the other end of the field. When you include the full length of the field plus the end zones, a football field is 1.32 acres.

A high school football field measures 360 feet long by 160 feet wide (playing area). This equals 57,600 square feet which translates to 1.32231 acres.

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Q: How many acres make an American football field?
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How many acres make a football field?

1 . 25 acres in a football pitch , .45 hectares in a football pitch .

How many football fields make 26 acres?

About 34 (34.3798) US NFL football fields. One US NFL football field is 1.3223 acres.

How many feet make up a football field?

an American football field is 100 yards or 300 feet.

How many acres of land makes a football park?

5 acres of land make a football park

How many acres of land make a standard football stadium?

about 70 acres of ground area

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there is 163.63 paces to make up a football field!!

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make pure list of football goal post measurement

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Kind of. If you were to look at an American football field from above, the way the chalk lines are laid out for the yard lines and end zones would make it look something like a gridiron.

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One football field is 360 feet.

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4 ponds of weed

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How many football fields does it take to make 692 miles?

12,179.2 American football fields.

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Yes. he actually did it twice.

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You can make a touchdown for 6pts or you can make a field goal for 3 and you can make a 1pt conversion.

What kind of company is Riddell?

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