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Q: How many acres of land do you need to board horse at my EC on howrse?
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How many acres do you have to have in spotsylvania Virginia to have a horse?

You usually want at least 4 acres of land for the horse to be able to roam around.

How many acres do you need for a horse?

The average horse needs about 1 acre of land...

How many acres in Delaware?

To my knowledge, there is no set amount of acres that one must have to own a horse...although the said amount is one acre for one horse. And that is the very minimum. I would recommend two to three acres per horse, but it all depends on what type of horse, how old the horse is, and how much pasture it needs to be healthy.

How many acres do you need to have a horse in Louisiana?

It is recommended that you have two acres per horse, but more is optimal. With more land you can let your horses roam freely.

Is there a law about horse land?

sort of you need 2 acres per horse in a 2-strand wire fence.

How much land is required to own a horse in Farmington CT?

It is reccomended that each horse needs 2 acres of land to be comefortable. You could split the 2 acres into paddocks and rotate, as the grass would need time to re-grow.

How many acres of land are required to maintain horses in Texas?

It is a good idea to have two acres per horse. so if u have four horses then you will want them to have a 8 acre pasture or bigger. but you do not HAVE to. it is just better for the horse

Is 67 acres an acre of land?

No. 67 acres is sixty seven acres of land.

What is Ethiopia's land area in acres?

272,896,000 acres of land area.

How many acres land in India?

India has 707,714,998 acres of land. Another 74,722,937.2 acres is water.

How many acres of land in Illinois?

Illinois has 35,532,115.2 acres of land. An additional 1,532,556.8 acres is water.

Who has more land 2 acres on a mountain or 2 acres on flat land?

2 acres on a mountain, it might not be usable land but it's more land.