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In a right triangle there is only one acute angles.

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Q: How many acute angles are in a right triangles?
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How many angles does a right triangle have?

All triangles have 3 angles - whether they are acute angled, right angled or obtuse angled.

How many acute angles does an obtuse triangles have?


How many triangles have at least two acute angles?

All of them

How many acute angle are in a rectangle?

There are no acute angles in a rectangle which has 4 equal interior right angles

How many right acute and obtuse angles does a trapezoid have?

It can have 0 or 2 right angles, 1 or 2 acute or obtuse angles.

How many acute angles in a square divided into four equal triangles?

An acute angle is less than 90 degrees. Dividing a square into four equal triangles would not have any acute angles since they would all be 90 degrees. A 90 degree angle is called a right angle.

Can a triangle have three acute angles?

Yes. Many triangles can for example, an equalateral triangle

How many angles do a right triangle have?

All triangles have three angles.

How many acute angles does the rhombus have?

A rhombus will either have four right angles, or two acute angles and two obtuse angles.

How many different types of triangles are there?

For the "catch all" and most broad type of triangles, there are 3: Obtuse - 1 angle > 90° Acute - all angles < 90° Right - 1 angle exactly 90° There are more specific categories, such as isosceles triangles, which can be obtuse, right or acute triangles that contain exactly 2 angles of equal degree, and exactly 2 sides of equal lengths.

How many right angles does a w have?

None it only has acute angles

How many do all triangles measure?

I'm pretty sure all triangles measure 180 degrees because they have three angles that are either acute, right, or obtuse angles and the triangle has to be either an equilateral, iscoceles, or scalene triangle.

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