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140 AMPS

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Q: How many amps will 4.0 gauge wire carry?
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How many amps will a 4 gauge aluminum wire carry?

70 amps.

How many amps can 16 gauge wire carry at 120 vac at 25 feet?

18 amps.

What gauge of wire is needed to carry 200 amps?

3/0 gauge

How many amps will 4 gauge wire handle?

The amps that a four gauge wire will handle will depend with the thickness of the wire. If the wire is thin, the four gauge will handle 95 amps.

How many amps can 8 gauge wire carry at 120 vac at 25 feet?

A #8 copper wire with an insulation rated at 75 or 90 degrees C is rated at 45 amps.

What gauge wire is needed for 7.5 amps?

AWG # 14 is the smallest wire you can install in a home and it can only be used in living areas. It will carry 15 amps.

What can you use 10 gauge wire for?

ten gauge wire is used for high current circuits. in home wiring, 12 gauge wire is normally used. 12 gauge wire can carry a maximum of 20 amps. 10 gauge wire on the other hand, is larger and can carry more current. the maximum current capacity of a 10 gauge wire is around 30 amps. one would use this for a stove, hvac or other power hungry device's.

How many amps will 200ft of 6ga wire carry?

50 amps.

How many amps will 10-2 wire carry at 40 feett?

30 amps is how much a 10-2 wire will carry at 110 feet. 10 gauge wire is only good for thirty amps per the national electrical code. Using 80% of the breakers usage you will actually be getting only 24 amps.

Ten-gauge wire is rated to carry how many amperes?

30 amps is often the limit recommended for standard residential wiring on a #10 copper wire. You are correct.

What wire gauge is needed to carry 150 amps at 240 volts?

At the service entrance you will need AWG 1/0 gauge.

What is amp size for 22 gauge wire?

The maximum amperage it can carry for power transmission is .92 amps.