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every plant grows from one seed

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Q: How many apples seeds does it take to amke an apple tre?
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Why can rabbits not eat apples with seeds?

Apple seeds are toxic to rabbits and many animals. Apple seeds contain a cyanide compound -- this is what makes them poisonous.

How seeds does an apple have?

Apples have three to five seed chambers that can carry from one to two seeds. This means an apple can have as few as three seeds to as many as ten seeds.

How many seeds does a rotten apple have?

Apples have an indeterminate amount of seeds. Not all ovules are fertilised and so not all of them form into seeds. The number of seeds is also determined by the variety of apple.

How many seeds does a typical apple produce?

Apple trees are able to produce about 30 to 50 apples yearly after the tree has grown for seven years. After that, the apple trees are able to produce more a year.

Do apples contain cyanide?

Yes there is cyanide in apple seeds but it would take many to kill you.

How many seeds does a apple have?

It depends on the size of the average apple. It normally works when you open up 5 apples, count how much seeds there are altogether, and then divide that number by 5. The answer at the end is normally between 25 and 30.

Who likes apples?

many people likes apples. some people likes apples, but not all people likes apples. apples could turn into apple sause, apple pie, apple juice,and many more.

How many apples are in an apple?

one apple

IF sally has one apple and billy has anouther apple how many apples do they have?

2 apples

Do crab apples come from crabs?

Crab apple trees are members of the Rose Family, they are edible and delicious, they were the only apples around for millions of years until the ancient Turks bred them into domestic apples in the Ili valley of Kazakhstan. See related links.

How many seeds are in fuji apples?

this it 8

How many apple seeds in a pound of apple seeds?

19742. Approximately.