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24 inches is equal to 2 feet

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Q: How many are in 24in in ft?
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How many 24in x 24in tiles will it take to cover 400 sq ft?

100 exactly ! Each tile is 4 square feet !

2 ft equals inches?

1ft=12in 2ft=?A cross multiply 2*12/1*A=24in/1 which is 24in 2ft=24in

How many feet in 24in and 2 yards?

12 in per foot & 3 feet in a yd. Therefore 24 in = 2 ft & 2 yd = 6 ft; total of 8 ft.

What is 26 inches to how many cm?

66.04cm = 24in

What is 5 yd plus 2 ft plus 24in equals how many ft?

first you have to see what it is like feetthen you see if you multiply or dividethen you see if how much can it go it into the numberthen if u have more numbers to add i cant help u

24in. equal how many feet?

24 inches = 2 feet

What is 2ft?

2ft is 24in.

How many square feet is 360in x 24in?

Multiply the two dimensions to get the area. In this case the calculation gives you 8,640 square inches. There are 144 sq in in a sq ft so you have 60 feet.

Is 2ft 24 inches?


How much is two feet in inches?


How many gallons is a tank that is 60in x 24in x39in?

This is 56160in3 which is 243.12gallons (US) or 202.44gallons (UK).

How deep is the frost line in Spokane wa?


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Is 21in more than 2ft?

no there is 24in in 2ft

What is 24in equal to feet?

24 inches = 2 feet

Area of a parallelogram the base is 10 and the height is 24in?

This is the exact same answer as the area of a 10in x 24in rectangle. Essentially, you are multiplying the base and height of a rectangle to get its area, too.

How many ft in a ft ft ft and ft?


Do the Glass Eiffel Tower Wedding Centerpiece Vases 24in come in other sizes?

yes, the Glass Eiffel Tower Wedding Centerpiece Vases 24in come in other sizes

Parallelogram with base of 10 and the height is 24in?

240 square units

How many ft x by how many ft in 3200sq ft?


What is the height of a dalmatian?

Height ranges between 55-60cm [20-24in]

What is the circumference of a 24in circle?

If the diameter is 24 inches, the circumference is 75.4 inches.

What is 4over 24in simplest form?

It is: 4/24 = 1/6 simplified

How many ft are in 2 ft 12 in?

3 ft (12 in = 1 ft)

How many sq ft in 4 ft by 8 ft?

32 sq. ft.