24in. equal how many feet?

Updated: 12/24/2022
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24 inches = 2 feet

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Q: 24in. equal how many feet?
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How many are in 24in in ft?

24 inches is equal to 2 feet

What is 24in equal to feet?

24 inches = 2 feet

How many 24in x 24in tiles will it take to cover 400 sq ft?

100 exactly ! Each tile is 4 square feet !

How much is two feet in inches?


Is 24 inches greater than less than or equal to 2ft 3inches?

24 inches = 2 feet 2 feet 3 inches is bigger then 2 feet

How big is 36in by 24in?

In square feet it is 3ft times 2ft = 6 square feet

How many feet in 24in and 2 yards?

12 in per foot & 3 feet in a yd. Therefore 24 in = 2 ft & 2 yd = 6 ft; total of 8 ft.

What is 26 inches to how many cm?

66.04cm = 24in

How many square feet is 360in x 24in?

Multiply the two dimensions to get the area. In this case the calculation gives you 8,640 square inches. There are 144 sq in in a sq ft so you have 60 feet.

How many square feet in 30 x 24?

You didn't specifiy the measurements so here's a couple: 30ft x 24ft = 720sqf 30in x 24in = 5sqf

113520 feet is equal to how many miles?

113,520 feet is equal to how many miles? Answer: 21

Two feet are equal to how many feet?

Feet and feet are the same measurement. Therefore, 2 feet is equal to 2 feet.