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80 people

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Q: How many average square miles do you need to add together before you have more people than in a single new jersey square mile?
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Native Americans in New Jersey?

Had a very good relationship with the colonial jersey people ha also they were always Doing stuff together

What important people lived in the New Jersey colony before 1775?

Sir george caterets dad was one of the famous people that lived in the new jersey colony befor 1775

What is nz all blacks vision and mission statements?

This is not a jersey. This is a portal through which men pass. This is not material. This is fabric that binds us together. This is not a souvenir. This is a reminder of all who have worn it before us. This is not black. This is the absence of fear. This is not a uniform. This is a country unified. This is not a jersey only 22 men wear. This is a jersey fitted for four million people. This is victory and loss, but will not be defeated. This is everthing but a "Jersey".

What percent of people that live together before they are married get divorces?

80% of people that live together befor they are married get a divorce

What did people do before televison was invented?

They read book, met together at dancings, sang together.

What year did people start settling in New Jersey?

Europeans first settled in New Jersey in 1620. The Lenni-Lenape had lived here for many years before this.

How many people move in together per year?

on average 2.3 million

How did the jersey shore people meet?

they all meet for try outs and the producers chose them to be on the show and some people on the jersey shore cast members knew each other before that for example snooki and deena

Average of 25 people have touched it before you buy it?

greeting cards

New Jersey's population density is about 1000 people per square mile Does this mean that every square mile in New Jersey has about 1000 people Explain?

This is not accurate. The State has an average of 1000 people per square mile. If one city has 1500 people per square mile and another has 500 people per square mile, their average population density would be 1000. When you compare the average to the actual data you can see that their is a large discrepancy.

When did people and dogs first start working together?

Before 13,000 BC

What is the nickname for new jersey people?

jersey girls xD

What is information on New Jersey?

Information on New Jersey could be demographics (race of people in an area, population, etc.), this could the history of New Jersey, famous people from New Jersey, pollution in New Jersey, and industry in New Jersey.

Number of people in New Jersey in 1664?

the amount of people in new jersey in 1664 is 900.

Do New Jersey people have accents?

The accent of New Jersey is different than New York.

What was the average day for the people of new jersey?

Just as any other people. I live on an island and only "shoobies" or people from PA try to act like jersey shore. North Jersey is a lot of Italians like New York. South Jersey is mixed and surfing oriented or ocean sports like skimboarding, kayaking, boggieboarding, and stand up paddleboarding.A favorite throught the state is paintball. :P

What is the origin of New Jersey?

The origin of New Jersey is the people who were the founders of it.

What are three bad things in New Jersey?

new, jersey, people

Why do people want to go to New Jersey?

Cuz of the Jersey Shore!

What is the meaning of pre-gathering?

when a group of people get together before the event, such as weddings or concerts.

What do you call people in New Jersey?

People from New Jersey are called New Jerseyans or New Jerseyite.

What prompted people to move East jersey?

what prompted people to move east jersey was because of the climate.

How many people go to school in New Jersey?

16,000 people go to school in New Jersey.

What is the method used to figure out the answer to this question Five people have an average weight of 67kg If a child of 25kg is added to the group what is the average weight?

(5x67) will be the total weight of the people, as the average is all the people added together / 5 then use the normal average method (5x67) + 25 / 6 will be the new average

What did people wear in colonial New Jersey?

People in colonial New Jersey wore what the women had found and after they made it.