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It depends on the units of your measurements in. You also need to know the weight of a bag of cement. The instructions on the bag of cement should also help.

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Q: How many bags of cement will you need for an area of 2.5 x 5.11 x 4?
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How many bags do you need for 2 yards?

Bags of what? Grass seeds? Cement? Sugar?

How many bags of sand in 1 cubic meter?

You will need about 7 25kg bags of cement.

How many bags of cement and sand do need for wall plastering?


How many 20 kg bags of cement will you need to mix with 13 cubic meters of sand if you want to mix at a ratio of 8 sand to 1 cement?

If a 20kg bag of cement=0.1m3 with 100 lots o 0.01 to 1m3 then you will need 12.5 bags per m3. So you need approx 11.5m3 of sand and 144 bags of cement (144 x 0.01 = 1.44m3) to give you a total of 12.94m3

How many bags of portland cement are used in 1 yard of concrete?

It depends on the usage of the concrete. For footings, you would need 5 bags of cement. For sidewalks, etc. you would need 6 bags. Generally, if you know the usage it's for, you can contact a local ready-mix plant and they can tell you exactly.

How many bags of cement do you need for 4.32 cubic yard?

6 x 4.32 = 25.92 so you will need 26 bags. You might want to get up to 10 % extra for waste.

How many 50-kilo-bags of cement is needed to fill 102.16 cubic feet. Area is 9.5 meters by 3 meters?

1 50kg bag fill about 2 cubic f. so for 102cu.f. you'll need 51 bags

How many 25kg bags of gravel do you need for an area 184.15cm x 373.38cm?

you would need 23 bags OK

I want to lay a car port foundation 20' X 12' X 2 inches how many bags of Sand and Cement do I need?

Need to know how many bags of cement I will need for a 20x10 space?

How many 40kg bags of cement would you need for 1 square meter 4 inches thick slab floor?

You will need 5.5 40kg bags for this floor. This allows for a typical waste factor of 5%

How many bags of grass need do you need for a lawn?

You need to know the size of lawn, and the grass seed bags will tell you how much area they cover.

How much cement is needed for a 60 x 14 x 3 space?

according to my books you will need at least 50 bags of 60lbs of cement maybe more but less than 80 bags