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It depends on the volume of the bag and how deep you want the gravel to be.

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Q: How many bags of gravel needed for 50metres squared patio?
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How do you measure for gravel patio?

A cubic yard of gravel will cover 81 square feet at 4" of thickness. Multiply the width of the patio by the length of the patio to get your square footage. Gravel is usually sold by the cubic yard.

Patio is 24foot long by 13 foot wide what is the square meter measurement?

29 meters squared or 312 feet squared.

How many 6x6 patio pavers are needed to make a 12x12 stone patio?

576 should do it.

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Where do I get a patio umbrella cover?

I bought my patio umbrella cover at Target sells everything you need for your patio from umbrella covers to furniture and more. I got everything I needed there.

How thick of sand under paver?

Hello, First i would like to say that its not only sand, you should have some gravel under the sand, for driveway you should go with 4.5" of gravel backyard patio you can go with 3.5" and sand is about 1.5" doesn't matter if its driveway or patio/walkway. don't forget that you should compact the sand and the paver as well.

How many 16 x 16 patio pavers are needed to make a 16 x 16 stone patio?

One should do it!

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How many 1' pavers are needed for a 12x22' patio?

264 of them. Get extra for breakage.

A patio measures 12 feet by 14 feet How many 8-inch-square paving stones are needed to pave the patio?

92 should do it.