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Q: How many barrels per metric ton of JET FUEL?
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How many JP54 Jet fuel Barrels to a Metric Ton?


How many barrels of jet fuel in a metric ton?

The specific gravity for aircraft fuel is approximately 0.8 (depending on grade and anti freeze additives). Therefore 1250 litres would weigh a metric tonne (1000kg).

How many barrels of jet fuel in a ton?

7.6 barrels of jet fuel is in one ton

How many liters of jet fuel make a metric ton?

1,183 litres of jet fuel in a metric tonne

How many gallons of jet fuel in a metric ton?

There are approximately 298 gallons of jet fuel per metric ton. Jet fuel weighs about 6.7 pounds per gallon. The mass of fuel varies depending on the pressure and temperature.

How many gallons per barrel of jet fuel?

A barrel usually contains up to 42 gallons of jet fuel. The barrels are priced per barrel or per gallon.

Is Jet fuel sold in barrel?

Yes, jet fuel is sold in barrels, usually in remote locations where bulk fuel and pipe lines are not available.

How many gallons of jet fuel can be made from a barrel of jet fuel?

normally a barrel of something is 40 gallons, that is the standard for oil, however, 55 gallon and other size barrels exist as well.

What is the cost of one metric ton of jet fuel?

As of June 13, 2014, the cost for one metric tone of jet fuel is $976.90. This is down from March 7, 2012 when the price was $1079.75 per tone.

How many USG of jet fuel is in one t of jet fuel?


How much does jet a1 fuel cost?

The price for jet a1 fuel varies over time. In March 2013, the price was 303.0 US cents per gallon. Converted to barrels, this would be 127.2 US dollar per barrel.

Why would a car refueled with jet fuel stall?

Because the spark plugs cannot ignite the jet fuel. Jet fuel is not comparable to a really high octane gasoline, as many people seem to mistakenly think. Jet fuel is essentially #1 diesel fuel.