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If they are standard American pool balls with a 2.25" diament, you can fit 4,529,370 balls in a 25 cubic foot box.

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Q: How many billiard balls can fit in the 25 feet cube box?
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How many balls do they use in billiard?

16 balls

How many red balls on a billiard table?

In English Billiards, 1.

Frances hits a cue ball into a rack of billiard balls sending the balls in many different directions. After a few seconds all the balls on the table stop moving. Which of the following is true?

Since you haven't given us any options - the one relating to friction is the correct answer !

How many 8 balls are in a half of ounce?

Billiard balls weigh about 5.5 ounces, except for the cue ball, which weighs 6 ounces. Therefore, half an ounce is 1/11 of an 8-ball.

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The room is 6480 cubic feet. If 192 tennis balls fit in (3 feet) cubed, that's 27 cubic feet and 46,080 tennis balls fit in 6480 cubic feet.

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