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13, not counting Dark Coloredd just BLACK

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Q: How many black officers in Phoenix Police Department?
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How many black police officers are in the Portland police department?

As of 9-1-2009, there were 33 Black officers in the Portland Police Bureau, or 3.41% of all officers. This is below the sought-after level of 7.7% which would better reflect the City's Black population.

How many Chicago police officers are black?

Chicago has approximately 3630 black policemen.

What are the colors of the Los Angeles Police Department?

blue and black

Who was the black driver who was pulled over and beaten by white police officers?

Rodney King .

What was the precipitating factor in the Rodney king riots?

The 1992 Los Angeles riots stemmed from the acquittal of four white Los Angeles Police Department officers in the beating of black motorist Rodney King in 1991.

How many black police officers are with the Los Angeles police department?

1,192 Black officers:As of 2009, LAPD [compared to city's population] is42% Latino [46.53% of city's population is Latino]12% Black [11.24% of city's population is Black]7% Asian [9.99% of city's population is Asian]37% White [29.75% of city's population is White]At the current number of sworn officers, 9936, that comes out to1,192 Black4,173 Latino3,676 White695 Asian

Why do the Police victimise black people?

Because some police officers are racist, so say if god forbid a black person did a crime, they'll victimise almost any black person.

How many police officers were injured in Baltimore riots and were there any deaths?

During the initial protests and riots in Baltimore in April 2015, more than 20 police officers were injured. Six officers were later charged in connection with the death of Freddie Gray, a black man who died in police custody. However, additional deaths directly related to the riots were not reported.

What scene did Sirius Black die?

Sirius Black, Harry Potter's godfather, dies in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by Bellatrix Lestrange, his cousin, in the Department of Mysteries at the Ministry of Magic.

Why did the police department pay Martin Luther King.Jr's jail fine?

cuz hes black

Who is Wiley Overton?

Wiley G. Overton is considered the first black police officer appointed to the New York Police Department in Brooklyn in 1891.

What are the causes why they mistrust the police?

Rodney Glen King (born April 2, 1965 in Sacramento, California) is an African-American construction worker[1] who, in 1991, was stopped and then beaten by Los Angeles Police Department officers (Laurence Powell, Timothy Wind, Theodore Briseno and Sergeant Stacey Koon) after being chased for speeding. A bystander, George Holliday, videotaped much of the event from a distance.[2] Part of the video was broadcast around the world and shows four LA police officers restraining and repeatedly striking a black man, while four to six other officers stand by. King had also been tasered by the officers.[3][4]-Wikipedia