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Q: How many board feet of wood is there in 750-2 multiplied by 10-16'?
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How many feet are in one lightyear?

Approx 3.1 *1016 or 31 quadrillion.

How much is 206 in ft?

206 light years = 3.1039 * 1016 feet

According to the erg what is the isolation distance for id number 1016 in a small package?

100 Feet

What is the isolation distance for ID number 1016 in a small package?

100 feet

What will be the total in feet and inches when 9 feet 6 inches is multiplied by 17?

9 feet 6 inches multiplied by 17 is 161 feet and 6 inches.

How many board feet are there in 100 cubic feet?

1,200 board feet.

How is cubic feet converted to board feet?

cubic feet x 12 = board feet

Jack has a board 15 feet long and Jim has a board 11 feet long Altogether they need 35 feet of board How many more feet of board do they need?


Formula for board feet?

Board feet are a measurement of volume. Length x Width x Thickness / 144 = board feet.

10 feet multiplied by 10 feet equals how much?

100 square feet

52 centimeters multiplied by three is how many feet?

It is 5.12 feet.

How do you convert board feet to lineal feet?

To convert board feet to lineal feet, divide the total board feet by the board's thickness in feet. For example, if you have 100 board feet of lumber that is 1 inch thick, you would divide 100 by 1, which equals 100 lineal feet.